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Just a small update on whats going on with No Life Incorporated and Deception.

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Hey guys, Its been awhile since anything has been posted, thats school for you. So we have yet to find a Modeler. We REALLY NEED a Modeler I understand if you may be thinking, well why should i spend time working/helping them when i dont know them or if its worth my time. Well if you catch your self asking that question, Please message Me or the Group and we will find a time to talk, we have a vent. We really want The Deception to work. Anyway enough of that garbage.

That, is a live stream, where if you are lucky I may be mapping for The Deception. You can check here every once in awhile to see, Of course though on big news posts we may show you guys stuff. Probably tomorrow you will be able to see some work on one of the levels be done.

For you guys that dont like to read, PICTURE UPDATE TOMORROW Also if you are an talented Modeler, Message Me or the Group, We REALLY NEED ONE Anyway, Come by here tomorrow for pictures!

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