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This update includes a new weapon, the Bots, some new vanity appeals and some bug fixes.

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After months of hard work we are pleased to present you this new update. Even if the change log is small, this has implied a lot of work :)

The Bots

The most important improvement in this update includes the introduction of bots for the PvP matches. Bots can be used to balance a match with odd players and for training purposes. They coordinate as a team and are able to perform all the key tasks for every game mode, such as capturing the flag, conquering outposts, repairing damaged structures and more.. For the time being they miss only some ability like construction, point with a Probe Laser or use Beacons.

Bots AI tactical maps

Their AI is quite complex and employs several advanced techniques in order to come up with interesting strategies and to mimic human-behaviour. First, they are smart enough to analyze the map structure (obstacles layout, objectives, ..) and determine its choke-points, estimating the most probable paths for the attackers. These locations are used to set up ambushes or to place mines. In addition, all the intel information about the players locations, casualties and turrets, are constantly gathered and summarized into a "heat map" which is then used to estimate how much a particular location is safe or dangerous. Exploiting this data, the bots can plan safe routes across the map, select the best objective to attack, find ideal sniping spots, and much more.

The AI programming was both challenging and exciting and required a lot of time and effort. But now it's finally done and we are very happy with the results!

Mosquito Stinger

Following the feedback from our beta tester we have also chosen to split the Missile Launcher in 2 weapons: the Mosquito Stinger has been invented

Mosquito Stinger

Vanity appeals

We have also added some vanity stuff, like the new helmet (Far-World Ranger) in the picture below

The Far-World Ranger

Full changelog 0.98.2

+ the Bots for PvP have finally arrived! They are able to play in all game modes. The Bots are able to use most weapons and equipment
+ new weapon "Mosquito Stinger" that shots a Mosquito missile rain.
+ in the Vanity section a new helmet is available: "Far-World Ranger"
+ 4 new portraits are available for the avatars
+ graphical remake of Magma Destruction (Capture the Flag)
! removed the minimum number of player needed to start a PvP match, now the bots automatically keep the match balanced
! restored the behaviour of the Missile Launcher as in the 0.97 version

If you find our game interesting, just vote it here on Indie DB, on STEAM Greenlight and play BLAZE on Desura!
If you don't have Desura, you can request a key through this form.

iotaca team :)

BLAZE - mechforces

BLAZE - mechforces installer 0.98

vote on steam greenlight

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