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This week we focused on bugs and improvements to the game to make the overall experience more solid. But don’t worry, we have some exciting new features coming up very soon like a new type of outpost to help you defend and expand your territory!

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Ships in your fleet increase your inventory capacity.
  • Distress calls will now sometimes come from your own freighters, and if you defend them you will get a temporary bonus to your tariff income.
  • Rebalanced the penalties for negative population, power, and hangar space; our last rebalance led to some exploits. The penalties now decrease income (like before) but the amount is scaled based on the size of your city, so large cities with small negatives won’t be penalized too harshly.
  • Increased max camera zoom by 15% (use + and - keys to change zoom).
  • Information panel for mining stations shows the number of resources that get harvested.
  • Fixed another bug where information panels for ships could appear off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where you could permanently lose a salvage drone.
  • Fixed some presentation issues with resource crystals in nebulas.
  • Fixed blank portrait issue in some dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could get offset when undocking from a city.
  • Fixed camera jittering issues when panning the camera to the far edge of the screen.
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