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This is an update regarding the progress and production of Unknown Entity.

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I wanted to make a quick informative update because of a few issues. The person who will be working on the advanced scripting and systems for the game has been very busy lately, so scripting is on a slight hold for now. I as well have issues pertaining to my computer, due to hard drive errors that are popping up left and right, mainly due to a bunch of corruption and possibly age (it isn't too old, but has had thousands of hours of use). I'm going to get a new one to replace it, and pretty soon will be building a new computer. But, for now, I have to put any production on hold (I actually have last week when I discovered that the hard drive could die anytime without warning, though it could still be pretty far from that for a little while longer), because updating the backup is a pain. I'm just going to keep it as is until the new hard drive replaces the old one, which will be at least a week. I also wanted to mention that there has been a random upload added to the Downloads section of the game that I've had to delete. They possibly just added it to the wrong game, which is totally understandable. It has been deleted since it has nothing to do with this game and to prevent further confusion. Sorry if there's been any confusion in the first place, and I hope it hasn't detracted attention from this game. If you see anything out of the ordinary, PLEASE notify at the email I have listed below. If the latest, newest download doesn't match their respective screenshots, or if it does not have a similar description as the others (I use the same "base" for all my descriptions on here, as well as my update footer - everything should be extremely similar to previous versions, with the exception of variables like "### MB"), PLEASE don't hesitate to notify me. To prevent this from happening, a friend pointed out some obscured setting I overlooked that I fixed so that this should not happen. Things should not go wrong again for now. Please, though, if something does look wrong, the request still stands.

Sidenote for the current version: Someone had played it recently and questioned "Why is it green? Why can't I do anything?" Again, the green is night-vision. It's supposed to help you see certain things, but not completely, so it doesn't become TOO easy. On lower GFX settings, it's been noticed that it gets TOO green, and cuts visibility. This will hopefully get fixed the next update. On higher settings, it should look normal ( ), and most things should be visible to some extent. In the meantime, if you read the controls, you'll find how to enable and disable certain options for visibility (flashlight, night vision), as well as camera effects that might cause motion sickness or might be too graphic-intensive (these effects have a lot more effect on gameplay speed/FPS than the regular GFX settings - try disabling these first before resorting to lower settings).

Updates soon to come
-Lightling (creator of Light_Studios & Unknown Entity)

If you have any problems with the game, please email .

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