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An Update on our current progress of the game Aylus : Exiled Dominions

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Hi Everybody,
its been awhile but this is our current standing on things

  • More Cartography has been done to the Aylus Map
  • More enemies have either been created or concepted such as...
  • DuneBug (ground)
  • DuneBug(Flying)
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Snumle (large Desert dweller)
  • Basilisk(petrification dragon)
  • Cora (stag looking livestock)
  • Cave Spider
  • More Architecture
  • More Weapons (mainly swords)
  • A LOT of cities and villages were mapped out. (but not all)
  • Absolute World Creation has started to get that weight off of our shoulders.
  • Progress on the OST (original soundtrack) has started and it sounds good, right now with 4 pieces.
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