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An Update on how Aylus's Dev team is Doing and how we now developers who previously worked on World of Warcraft. (not all of the new guys worked at Blizzard).

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We've been pretty busy working on Aylus a bit more, but over the past couple of months we've added a few more people to the Half Heart Entertainment Team Including....

Chris Smith: Bug tester and modeler.He will now be helping by modeling assets and gameobjects for us.

Brandon : Structure designer and Enviro. Sculptor. He will now be helping by sculpting the landscape of Aylus and Environment Placement.

Efe Tozan: He will be composing Aylus's music and so far is doing a really good job at it , impressing most if not all of us.

with the new people hopefully development will be simpler (doubt it though) but it helps . We may push back the Launch Date of the KS (Again.....) but for good reason. We may want to release a DEMO before launch (told you it was a good reason).

see you guys next update!

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