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Early update due to some misshaps we had recently, I think I got everyone a little too panicked than they need be! Anyway, this time I'll be talking about some customisation options that will be available in WoTS as well as weekly events we're thinking about implementing.

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So we're back again! Before we get started, I just want to say about last weeks news, don't worry about it! We noticed a few people turned away when we announced the problem! However the key was in the name "minor setbacks". And the set backs also only really apply to me mostly (I have to redo it) and unfortunately it applies to early testers as well however to get early testing versions released I'm working on a lite installer/manager.

So, moving on..

Emails, Applications and Early Testing

You send us an email, and you're pissed because you didn't get a reply? Well apologies, you see when you put your email address publicly all over the internet, it attracts many, many Nigerian princes' wishing to use my bank account temporarily while they deposit $400,000 and I get a cut. We also get an incredible amount of Japanese spam mail for some reason. On top of that we get more genuine emails than people who comment here on the IndieDB page. Since it's just me going through the applications and questions, things can get really, really hectic.

If you have any questions about War of The Servers, please refer here! Also, if you have any applications for early testing, it's now essential you have an Infinity Account, therefore we suggest you apply here from now on.

As for people who have already applied for early testing status, you will receive an email shortly directing you to the forums where you'll have to make an account and put a specific code we will give you into a provided profile field (so we can identify you from your emails to your account and then this will become your key to use the early versions of the game).

Now that's out of the way, lets talk events!

War of The Servers Events & KickStarter

Recently, we spawned the idea of weekly or monthly events in War of The Servers where every so often, there will be a set of maps and game modes that are only playable for lets say a weekend, these maps and game modes will play very different from the original game modes and they will also offer more rewards as well as a temporary event Leaderboard. Let us know what you think or if you have any ideas here.

We also recently had the idea to go to KickStarter to fund this project so we can really get a shift on with the development speed, our current team work hard weekly for free, just to deliver you some shiny images each week! We would love to be able to reward these people for their hard work, give use your opinions on the kickstarter idea here as well!

We need you!
Yes you, you reading this with all the technical skills. We're always looking for people like yourself to become involved with Infinity Interactive. Check out the jobs page to see if you have the talent we need!

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