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"The thief is sorry he is going to the gallows to be hanged, not that he is a thief..."

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A night at the museum mission:

A cold drizzling rain comes to an end and a gray day fades into dark night. It's late and the city is all but silent, only the sounds of the wind and an occasional animal cry can be heard off in the distance. The moonlight pierces an otherwise darkened sky, deepening the perpetual gloom that hangs over this land, the desolated landscape of night.

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This mission starts out just like most of your missions... reading your briefing from the mission book in the dark shadows of the sanctuary while an unknown silent figure watches down on you from the balcony above.

The Thieves Guild has provided you with some basic equipment of your trade, a dagger and some picklocks which isn't much but then again there's always those items you've picked up along the way...

The mission seems simple enough, find a way into the city museum and steal some old artifact. That shouldn't be too difficult, you've been on far more difficult missions. The museum is located somewhere in the West District of the city and you've heard rumors that it's nearly vacant at night, only protected by a couple of hapless guard dogs. "Hmm... this mission ought to be a walk in the park. What does the Thieves Guild want with some worthless artifact from that ancient museum anyhow? There's no profit in that..."

Screenshots 08 Screenshots 08

No need to question your orders, just follow the instructions and in the end there will be a handsome reward waiting for you. And besides, it's way past the city curfew so there won't be any civilians walking the streets, all you need to do is avoid the patrol guards and that shouldn't be hard, after all you're a cunning thief and you can easily disappear into the night or climb up on a rooftop or if necessary you can always break into a house to evade those pesky guards. There are lots of options and those clumsy guards will never catch you. All you need to do is find a way into that museum. "Hmm... this mission ought to be a piece of cake..."


Nice, but I got afraid with the title, like if the mod was dead.

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Jetrell Author

No worries, this mod is definitely not dead, it’s getting better and better every day.

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