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This is an update regarding the progress and production of Unknown Entity.

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I apologize for the lack of updates recently (the last uploaded version is 1.1.0, a month old or so). Unknown Entity is soon going to get its first gameplay scripts (such as basic AIs for entities, some player statistics, etc.) to work with to create the basic gameplay elements. Light_Studios has a new contributor, James Martindale, who will be doing the scripting and porting to different platforms. Light_Studios also has a new, work-in-progress site (LINK), as well as a new Facebook page (which will soon have some posts once the game has more updates - go ahead and feel free to like/follow ahead of time). Don't forget that the site itself (also a WIP) is at (LINK). Also, Light_Studios now has a separate email as well ( )

Updates soon to come
-Lightling (Light_Studios)

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