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Update 0.6.0 released! Multiplayer experience has been improved

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Version 0.6 is here! Multiplayer experience is smother than before. Also there are new characters and a new map!

Check it out!



  • Migrated to Unity 2017.2.2p2
  • Updated and improved network code
  • Increased max ammo in all weapons
  • New bonus map: Melita defense
  • New medieval purchasable item: catapult
  • New characters: praetorian, rebel and barbarian (only on Melita Defense bonus map)
  • New playable character: Lucius
  • Character controller improved
  • Added fading effect on defeat
  • Added ammunition to medieval playable character’s store
  • Build size reduced
  • There is no respawn anymore if there is no ally building left (Assault, Defense and Survival game modes)
  • Megan’s soldiers are now regular soldiers and she can’t buy machinegun soldiers, antitank soldiers and assasins
  • Jason and John’s soldiers are now marines, they can’t buy anti-riot, gunners and assasins
  • Non-soldier playable characters can’t buy machinegun soldiers, antitank soldiers and anti-riot
  • Death sound effect is not playing in all deaths, saving audio resources
  • Outpost defense: removed one boss and fixed helipad’s collisions
  • Added/changed limits to marines, several archers and sorcerers


  • Fixed game mode names in multiplayer menu and in scoreboard
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