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Several maps redesigned and melee combat improved.

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Version 0.5.8 is here!
Melee combat has been redesigned, as well as several maps. Check the following video!

Soon we will archive version 0.6
There are more news and fixes you can check:

Full version 0.5.8 changelog


  • Added enemy magic wall to Mountain Defense. It prevents the player shooting directly to the enemy tokens. It can be destroyed and walked by
  • Medieval Town defense redesigned: more terrain details, added castle, enemies are now bandits and added boss
  • Outpost Wars map redesigned: changed walls, added two additional enemy bases and fixed several bugs
  • Main menu redesigned
  • Akihabara defense allies are now japanese anime maids
  • Superweapons stop the music once launched
  • Improved melee combat and changed impact sound
  • Added bell alarm on meteor superweapon launch
  • Added wins/losses stats in Stats menu
  • Added deaths in the Scoreboard
  • Scoreboard is now shown on victory or defeat
  • Medic Pack cannot be used if the health is full (Wave Survival)
  • Weapons can now be bought (Deathmatch)
  • Added more rewards to mistory box (Deathmatch)
  • Added random events. They can be enabled/disabled (Deathmatch)
  • Random boxes no longer spawns an horde of zombies (Deathmatch)


  • Fixed ghoul walk animation
  • Fixed Commander boss music
  • Fixed IA stopping randomly while running
  • Fixed ICBM explosion effect
  • Fixed some playable characters that were missing several store items
  • Fixed several characters’ animations
  • Fixed tank model
  • Fixed collisions on several big enemies
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