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The release of 0.5 "Snowflake" Update. 10/09/17...

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0.5 "Snowflake"
The Equestria at War team is proud to present our newest update "Snowflake". Hopefully we didn't keep you waiting for too long. Unlike the last update this one focuses more on Equestria proper, more specifically the Equestrian Civil War and the Crystal Empire. First to the Equestrian Civil War, or the second war between the two sisters allows you to play a multitude of splinter factions, however to actually get the civil war you must be rather heartless to Luna and tell her no one loves her (how could you). At the moment however the Mare Republic in the South-East and the Lunar Empire are the only civil war factions to get focus trees. The Crystal Empire itself is no slouch either. Last update they were a practically useless Equestrian buffer state, but in this one they get multiple options regarding their place in the world. Will you continue living under the yoke of Equestria or will you let the ponies of the Empire decide their own fate; or shall you thread a much darker path? We've also taken the liberty to add numerous bug fixes and flavour events to already existing countries and somewhat improved the mod's overall performance.
ㅇThe Crystal Empire
- Return of King Sombra
- Communists in power
- Advisors.
- National Focus tree
- Events
ㅇThe Lunar Empire reworked
- New Focuses
- Events
- Balancing
- Advisors
ㅇThe Mare Republic, or Baltimare
- National Focus Tree
- Portrait for Comrade Delicious
- Events
ㅇFocus Tree for Yak-yakistan, barely tested though
ㅇMore states in the south
ㅇMore puppet cosmetic tags
ㅇMore flavour news events
ㅇMore than 150 new events
ㅇRussian Localisation
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