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This is an update regarding the progress and production of Unknown Entity.

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So far, things are coming along nicely, although the game is still a very early work-in-progress. I'm hoping to create a forum and a couple of pages for the game, but that will come later in time when the game has some more progress. Currently there are two available versions, the latest being 1.1.0*, neither are anything major that can actually be announced. I'm hoping to get some feedback / tips on what might help improve the elements currently in the game (not what you want to see in the future, because it's too early for that); something like "the buildings should have a bit of depth to them" or "the textures should be more seamless" or "a better intro video would be nice" (speaking of those, those are going to come later, I know about those - those are kind of like "placeholders"). Just no spam or harsh stuff, please. My break from school in the summer is going to come pretty soon (next month or so), and by then I should be getting to where some scripting needs done. I know of a couple people who would be willing to help and might even be willing to help in the future (therefore somewhat becoming a part of my little "Light_Studios" thing). I'd also like to know if anyone else would like to help or know of someone who would (for this game only).

Updates soon to come
-Lightling (Light_Studios)

*1.1.0 may still be awaiting authorization

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