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This is an update regarding the progress and production of Unknown Entity.

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So, Unknown Entity has been pretty much inactive for a while. It seems I've still been getting bursts of random views as if I posted something when nothing really ever happened. So, I figured I should at least post news as soon as possible right now rather than wait until the next actual released game update to show that this game hasn't died completely.

Recently, my computer had gone through a complete system corruption after running a CHKDSK (there were a couple corrupted files on the PC that my cleaning softwares kept whining about for a long time). Even system recovery failed, and factory reset was impossible. Luckily, it was a Windows 7 installed, Windows 8 optional, so I had discs to install Windows 8. Right now, it's still chugging along, because the hard drive is still a little bit wonky. I'm going to build my next computer in the summer once I start getting some money (I'm going to help a bit for my father's online store). Anyways, the backup on a flash drive that contained the project was outdated (I was actually going to update the backup but forgot to do it before running the CHKDSK) and was corrupted. So, all of my projects were lost, including Unknown Entity and archives of projects dating back about three years.

Now, I have gotten my computer mostly on track again (with building up presets for music software, installing previous software, getting some other stuff set up, etc.), excluding the fact that the hard drive is still acting weird (takes 8 minutes to start up and hasn't been able to shut down, sleep, or hibernate by normal means (so I leave it on 24/7 now for the most part - not going to keep choking it), it has weird moments where it just freezes with half the programs and reads and writes oddly, etc.).

Unknown Entity has been restarted. I'm calling this the Re-Vamp officially, since it's changed a lot. I should have some uploaded updates soon, though most of them will not be announced officially (mainly just development versions and whatnot to show its progress). I'm going to be a little bit slow with development with the other projects I have going on, but I'm hoping that I get to actually finish this.
This folder contains some screenshots (in two folders - models before Unity project creation, and indev 1.0.1):

Updates soon to come
-Lightling (Light_Studios)

Summary: The original project to Unknown Entity was lost, but now has been restarted and is undergoing development.

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