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Includes 041811 server side patch-notes, premium items and services, and more!

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General Changes

—Parties can no longer be formed with the system
Parties have always bee an issue in XW. The Party System, in its current incarnation offers a means of exploiting the natural player and group progression. It also serves more of a hinderance than a help to the members of the party, in healing, awarding loot, and communication.
—To counteract this seeming loss of group dynamics, The Tavern has been expanded to support more intimate meetings and community events.
—World history will now be more documented with “books” that can be found around the world.
—Players who are registered with the game now, are receiving a special item.Traditional Fez — All
+2 HP
+2 MP
+1 Speed (1% Crit)
(Please send an email to the address at the bottom of this post to receive your Fez.)

New Areas

—The Long Road
—Underground Ruins
—Dueling Arena (Gym Membership Req.)
—Hattori Tunnel
—Expanded Fields
—Silverblade Staging Grounds

Perquisite Products

This is a new feature in SilverQuest; purchasable items.
These items are listed by price.

Virtual Items

—Hatbox (Grants 1 random “Perquisite” hat)
—Palette Change
—1 Suzerain Key
—50 Heath Potions
—50 Mana Potions
—50 Speed Potions
—10 Rare Candy
—1 Wanderer’s Gift
—One Day Premium Membership
—Name Change
—1 Rood
—Fight Club Membership
—One Week Premium Membership
—Lifetime Premium Membership (Whole Account)
—House, permanent. (One per account)

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