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Update 02.009 has been released. Object manipulation tool, peasant AI character, round roof block and more features and fixes have been added.

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The object manipulation tool has been added in Medieval Engineers. This tool can be used for moving, and throwing dynamic objects. The character is able to pick up objects that weigh less than 180 kg and throw them, but objects that are heavier than 180 kg can only be pushed/pulled.

Additionally, we added a new type of AI character, “peasants”. This is a prototype version and is still work-in-progress. Their purpose for now is to collect stones and other objects and move them to their spawn point. Also, the behavior tool supports multiple behaviors (barbarians and peasants).

Lastly, there is now a chance of fogs during the morning hours. Also, feet IK (inverse kinematic) algorithm has been implemented, which means that the character’s legs will adapt to the terrain.

Full list of new features and fixes:


Will there be a arm/hand IK ? So that the character holds the objects better ?

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