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Update 02.007 has been released. New character tools (torch, hammer, mace), new blocks (stairs corners, slope corners) and more.

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New character tools have been added in the game. Your character can now handle the torch, the hammer and the mace - hammer and mace can be used as a tool for destroying blocks or as a weapon for killing the barbarians.

Also, daylight and fog settings are available in Gameplay options. You can change the sun angle, light intensity, fog density, etc.

Lastly, we have added several new blocks (stairs corners, slope corners, arch ceilings) and modding tools for AI and destruction. Modders will be able to create destructible models. The AI modding tool will display a behavior tree in real time. Modders will be able to modify this tree at runtime and save it. You can find more info in this guide:

- daylight settings (sun angle, light intensity, fog density)
- new hand tools: torch, hammer and mace
- new blocks: stairs corners, slope corners, arch ceilings
- AI modding tool
- destruction modding tool

- improved structural integrity of roofs
- fixed placing small/large grid
- fixed physics issues with rope torsion spring
- fixed thumbnails on blueprints and worlds not working correctly
- fixed tooltip on rotor
- fixed voxel in the air on quickstart map

Full list of new features and fixes:

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