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Originally, the map I was using for level 1 was a large open level. It already had all context zones in place. Buildings, keys, weapons, ammo, decals, everything was in its place. But FPS Creator turned out to have some problems. And after 3 attempts to remake the first level, i had to re-install the program MANUALLY, and then install all the Model Packs MANUALLY, being careful not to overrite any of the programming files.

The first level is now done. A screener should be up soon. Anyways, level one is even better than the original draft. It is now basicaly a strange dreem. And when you wake up, thus begins the second level. Its very strange i say because.. well... it is! You go from an allyway into some building, leading to an open area with a zombie (get your gun ready) and then leads to something resembling a maze. Then leading to a pitfall. Where, just before the level ends, there is a strange doctor you see just before you fade to black (key figure throughout the game). He doesn't say anything but it's just kind of strange to see him there. He's sort of the GMan (Half Life 2) throughout this game.

I haven't thought of a great idea so far for the second level. And I'm still planning out the weapons used in the game.

You are free to give any ideas you might have. :)

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