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An update is here, containing some new tanks and features, balance changes and bugfixes.

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List of changes:

  • Added first basic UI sounds
  • Added simple music system with music getting more intense in some battle situations
  • Added online player count and active battle count in hangar window
  • Added joinable battle count (in brackets) to the battle queue panel
  • The tank test drive in hangar now is more accurate and affected by crew skills
  • The spectator camera now tries to spectate another player by default
  • The spectator camera now has a fixed view range of 20 (15 before)
  • Destroyed tanks are now easier to identify in the collapsed team list

New Tanks:

  • StuG III (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier I)
  • Jagdpanzer IV (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier III)
  • Jagdpanther (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier IV)
  • Jagdtiger (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier V)


  • Increased turret rotation speed of Panzer IV and T-34-85
  • Increased movement speed of T-44 and T-44-122 a bit
  • Increased Wirbelwind reload timer from 5s base reload to 10s base reload
  • Decreased Wirbelwind damage by 25%
  • Decreased Sturmtiger damage by 20%
  • Hetzer tank has been moved to Tier II
  • HEAT ammo now acts more like AP and no longer spawns shock waves
  • Required time to capture the base has been doubled
  • Base capture speed has been limited to 2% per second max

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with long names not displaying correctly
  • Clicking an ammo icon to change the ammo no longer loses window focus
  • The ammo refill window will no longer close itself after confirming changes
  • Fixed a bug in the matchmaker that increased waiting times in some cases
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