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An update has been released which addresses many issues and improves on the overall performance and stability of Liberty Unleashed.

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Liberty Unleashed 0.1 Update

Updates to Liberty Unleashed 0.1 have been released, they will be automatically applied the next time you restart your server browser, the following changes include:

Fixed death messages saying the wrong person who killed you when a script sets your health
Done a LOT of optimisations all over the code. Should run better on low-end systems
Fixed the aiming offset when using widescreen
Fixed numerous problems with the updater and added error messages
Added warning dialogs when the GTA3 directory is invalid
SCM file is no longer required
Added a lot more script functions. See the wiki
Fixed some bugs in custom vehicle handling
Fixed entering a vehicle at the same time as another player and jacking them
Fixed failed vehicle entry when the driver drives off while you are entering
Fixed a random server crash on exit if scripts had been used to spawn vehicles, objects, radar blips etc
Fixed a potential crash and a bug in NumTok
Fixed player.Vehicle not working if the vehicle is too far away
Added a new download dialog with a change log to the browser
Players now seek the nearest empty seat when there’s a driver in the car
Possibly fixed invisible vehicles when teleporting
Added extended ascii support to the GUI
Fixed the browser using 100% CPU
Synced waves and traffic lights
Fixed the master list announcing in the server
Fixed vehicle angles being incorrect remotely when seeking a vehicle
Enhanced unoccupied vehicle sync slightly
Fixed a crash related to the player alpha setting
Fixed a standing in vehicle bug

The update requires the new client (which the browser should download) and a new server for any server hosters.

Note: This update changed the modules for the servers (such as lu_hashing, lu_ini etc) and you will be required to update them by downloading the latest zip/tar on the main page. Also the naming with the modules on linux has been fixed, they have been renamed from sq_ to lu_ as they should have been from release.

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