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Please view the main news post as this contains quite a lot of new features!

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Launcher Update:

  • Updated some network code so the Launcher can connect faster
  • Updated the way the network code is handled

Game Update:

  • Revamp of the map
  • Random Events (At the moment not so random until next update)
  • More Map Objects/Decals/Features
  • Better Environment with a more realistic feel
  • Updated AI
  • Added an Intro
  • Upload Stats - On completion or death the game will upload stats that you can view on the website
  • Added some new sound effects
  • Fixed Camera Issues with rotation
  • Fixed some player control code
  • Updated some of the GUI (In-game, login and main menu)


  • Added base functionality for stats
  • Added Update pages with ability for user to post
  • Added ability to view a players profile
  • Added Avatar Upload

I feel like I should explain more in-depth what MustSurvive is and what I'm aiming to achieve, to start with my names Jake. I've been coding since I was 14 (I'm now 23) I've always had an interest in Game Development and this is my first real release.

The main objective that I'm trying to create with MustSurvive is to have more than one Enemy type, to re-create all of the classic fears we like to enjoy. The first monster is the classic trapped in an unknown place, tight corridors and being chased by something we cannot explain.

Each monster will have it's own hunting style, gameplay features and more. As each update happens I'll add more content to the game, in itself I'd like each time a user plays to be a completely new and random experience, having the player, enemy, objective and scare tactics all completely randomized. Making each experience with MustSurvive unique.

Update 0.0.5 was the completion of the base game, something a few of you have already played, those who have played it and compared to 0.0.7 is a completely different game. As I now have the base game for Enemy 1 created I can start to expand, improve and make the game better than ever before. So please if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs/mistakes, let me know. I hope you enjoy!

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