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This week's update is about the character selection menu and the in-game interface

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Hi everyone!

This week, as the race continues to add enough polish in time for next week’s A-maze ./Berlin, we focused on the character selection menu and the in-game ui. On the code side, we also added a working ammo system, respawn points, and the typical invincibility period / flashing bit after getting hit.

And finally I fixed a nasty memory leak in one of the core functions of the engine - not as bad as is sounds, but definitely not something you want to have in when you’re about to leave the game running for several hours at a hopefully-packed game convention so… yay ^_^’

Anyway, enough with the boring details, here are the shiny new gifs, starting off with the character selection menu:

User Posted Image

The in-game ui:

User Posted Image

And that sweet-sweet flashing:

User Posted Image

That’s it for this update; next week we’ll try to post some pictures of our experience at A-maze :)

Thanks for tuning in!

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