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I have a ton of upcoming Weapon packs underway, from nomad upgrades to the custom Tizona MkII!

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Hello Lancers! I have a ton of weapon packs in the midst ready to step into the sun, What I have been doing is releasing 3 weapons at a time for you all to try them all out. Example, the Nomad Weapon Pack, all the nomad weapons are class 1, well in the next weapon pack the nomad weps will be an appropriate class and the next set will be class 1 so you can try them out :)

You may be wondering, what types of weapons do I have on the way?? I have some old classic remakes, the Tizona MkII with 45% more shield punch, the Kraken Type 3 with a faster refire rate and some more hull damage. I also have some new introductions into the game coming, like the Hunter Missle the speed and turning of a cruise disrupter, with the damage of a cannonball. The Sphinx Mine, this mine packs a massive hit on enemy shields and acts quick. And there are many many more on the way, stay tuned for the latest weapon packs.

What other packs are on the way? I am working on shield packs, ship packs, system packs, mission packs and a ton of others keep your eyes peeled for the latest ! :)

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