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The title is self-explanatory... And yes, im still working at this character to fix the bugs you may have noticed yet and add some new animations, moves and maybe attacks You might watch my profile page to see images and some more candy ;)

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The bugs/issues that you can expect to be fixed (and things to be added) :
- No more overpowered and one-shot kill attacks , this character will be finally playable like the standard Goku,Piccolo and Raditz characters.
- Animated hair , almost like Goku's
- Fully redone attacks animations, the crappy ones (such as big bang attack and final flash) were already redone ^^ Also expect some new melee moves and many more...
- New attacks such as Maximum flasher and Bakahatsu Ha
- Sounds added to the attacks (explosions, charge and even voices)
- The very main glitch : the torso, that is weirdly (but strongly) attached to the lower part of the character at all the animations, not yet fixed, but there might be a way to do it,
Thats all, I promise I will make all of these in the next release (I dont lie about things like this xD)
Not to forget the credits to MDaveUk for the model and textures (Remember that this is an old ZEQII character, same model is used in Earth Special Forces) and me for the animations and the rest :P

Stay tuned for updates.

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