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Upcoming changes in Neo Axis 1.0.

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Well there is alot of major things going on behind the scenes.
Commanderkeen and myself have been doing a major overhaul of all the weapons.
Well keen mostly, I just been copy/pasting lol..
But anyway almost all weapons are done now..
We just like the new ballistic cannons to be put in place. Keen says he is
going to make a totally new system for the cannons. And if they are
going to be anything like his other rebalancing I believe they will be

Also on a different note Neo Axis 1.0 has been released and we plan on taking full advantage of this new beast.
You can look at the complete change log here of all the new features in Neo Axis 1.0.

Currently we are planning on doing a major overhaul of the game as well in alot
of aspects. Going to update many major things in the game menu's in
general. I am also going to personally take out crap that is no longer
needed by the game, basically old models that we no longer use. And just
keep in the things that we still need.

Also the game comes with too many broken/unfinished maps which is actually adding alot of space
to the game. We are also going to clean out the mech directories and
stuff get rid of textures, and models we dont use as well.. Same goes
for the other vehicles in the game too.

This is going to take alot of time but if I work every night we should hopefully have a new
build by the end of the month that is much better then the old version
of the game.

Also I plan on completely changing the main menu system.
Taking out the space scene entirely and replacing it with a
totally new unit battle sequence, over some nicely made terrain.

Lets see what else? Oh the techlab. We are going to do some cosmetic changes
to the techlab in general as well.. It wont be anything too major but
sense the new weapon systems are going in and some of the code changes
will be implemented we are going to probably have to change the techlab
some.. But don't worry, the weapon system changing ability will still be
in place.. It wont be much different from the current system.. We will
probably just move some stuff around here and there. It wont be anything
too drastic.

Also we have a new multiplayer, and host lobby system too.
Which has a magnitude of changes added. This is already
implemented in the game. and I will be showing you guys screenshots of
this when we get everything updated.

We also plan on making some new gametypes for the game.
Not sure totally what they will be but I
know I want a capture the flag and capture base gametype added. We
might also add a gametype called flagball

Where there is only one flag in the center of the field and both teams has to fight one
another to bring the flags to each over's goals. Basically it will be
like backword CTF in a way. Or the amercian sport football. American
football not soccer. hehe..

Lets see.. I think that is everything I can remember right now about what we plan on adding,
I will be posting all new screenshots in the upcoming days and stuff and keep you
posted on the progress of the game in general..

Night Hawk

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