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Here's a small piece of information on the upcoming update. New ships, some past- and futurework plans, some finished work and my distractions.

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For the next update I've got something special planned. A rather large update with pretty much in it, and half of it is already done so no real threat of it taking 2 more months to finish. No, I'm rather hopeful that this update can be done within the next 2 weeks, otherwise 3. That's my goal for now.

Anyway, on to the stuff that matter; the content. Last update I showed a WiP of the Apoc under construction. Well, that's finished now so that together with the finished Covenant CDJ class Destroyer model I showed two updates ago will be in. What'll also be in is the new UNSC Frigate, the Taurus class Frigate. Its design is build for speed and it'll eventually also be less armed/armored then the Apoc and Serric but it'll make that up in speed. I've also had a new idea for the Serric, though I'm focusing on this update and leaving that for another time. The third thing that'll be in is a ship people'll recognize from Halo: Reach. I'm going to recreate the Covenant Corvette, which I call the Covenant CVP class Corvette. Besides a direct copy I'll also see what that model'll look like without that weird ring at the bottom. I'll also make a third variant. I'll post them all and I'll see what the comments say.

Alright, so much for work done, however, still not done with the material for the update. After seeing a lot of modder adding concept art and then working things out, I decided to show my own concept art. But since I'm not a 2d artist and I just start modeling, its more of a ships and stations that didn't make the final cut image.

The final thing I'll be showing will be the reason why past updates took a little longer. It shows what distracts me now and then.

Well, after all that I think it'll be enough for a while. There's still plenty to do. I think for the update after that I'll do a UNSC ship, two Covenant ships and I'll try to model that Phoenix class bridge. But we'll see how that goes.

That's it for now.

Abyssinian signing off.

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