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New RPG adventure game can be expected to come out sometime during the year of 2017 that will leave many gamers with no life.

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With 2016 coming to an end gamers are left looking forward to many of the 2017 major releases like Resident Evil Biohazard or Dead Island 2. With those major releases it can be expected that many amazing games may be overshadowed. Questica may just be one of those games unless word gets out.

Questica is an adventure RPG game in which the player embarks on multiple quests that are randomly generated throughout the world. With near endless quests, Questica has just enough structure and flexibility for the player to have fun while doing their own thing but also have an objective. We've seen how with No Man's Sky lack of structure and objectives can lead to players getting bored quickly. Questica builds on the idea of letting the player have the freedom to adventure and explore while also giving them an objective they can complete at their own pace.

If that idea is hard to grasp then just imagine Elder Scrolls meets 8-bit The developer's twitter is @purenickery for those of you who are already wanting to hear the latest updates on the development of the game. The Game also has its own website which can be found down below:

For those of you who think this game would be awesome please help spread the word so the game gets out there and the game developer gets the credit he deserves.

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