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Snouty Plays is back with an announcement: The upcoming release of pre-beta demo on JULY 25.

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After months of development, The egg frying simulation game-- 'Fry Me Omelettes', is now ready for 2nd demo release! (pre-beta version)

The date of the demo release is confirmed at JULY 25.

Comparing to the 1st alpha demo on April, The 2nd demo (pre-beta) will be showing most improvements out of the graphics & some gameplay mechanics.

Major additions to the game are listed below: (as till current version 0.48)

  • more egg variations
  • fillings
  • topping area (or dressing zone)
  • flashing headlines
  • menu interface
  • winning animations
  • options
  • item name showing
  • visual & taste critiques
  • 'rejection time' in judging panel system
  • sounds effects & music tracks (draft only)
  • "ace" & "pass" points (winning points)
  • unlock item system

Now here are some important features needed to be introduced:

Random Mode (default)
The pre-beta demo have only 1 gameplay mode-- the random mode. Mostly you'll have no restrictions at first: a full 5 minutes time and you're free to cook anyhow. But due to more 'play-counts', you're getting random restrictions. Sometimes you get only 3 even 1 minute cooking time, sometimes you need to cook certain types of egg/omelette, so it'll be challenging.

Fillings & Toppings (dressings)
There can never be 'omelettes' without them. Fillings can be found around the kitchen platform now, but first you have to 'unlock' them by winning points. After you're done cooking, you'll enter the "topping area" to apply toppings before serving to the critics. Only 2 types of fillings & toppings are available in the pre-beta release.

Enhanced Critic System
The unique judging panel's now got even better! The critique mechanism had splitted into 3 steps:
'Visual critiques', 'Rejection time' & 'Taste critiques'. After the first visual critiques, critics can either reject the ir dishes, or continue to judge by taste. On the verdict, the critic will give you either Yes ("O") or No ("X"), it functions like the popular 3-stars rating system.


The Ham/ No Ham Toggle
This is an important element for those who might refuse any pork/ham in the game. There is now an option to toggle off ham, so you can play the game carefree without the existence of any pork/ham.

Note: Snouty Plays is humbly respectful of one's choices of food, any misconception to one's personal/cultural/religious preferences is purely unintentional.

Some key features like the 'Egg look', 'Records' & 'Achievements' will not be included in pre-beta demo, but will be fully implemented in the final release version.

That's all for the news,thank you.

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-Allen T, Snouty Plays

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