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Upcoming Plans for Men of War Assault Squad: Blood & Glory modification.

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Hello There Gents! Some of you probably have seen my addons in men of war but here I am making a mod. Today i am talking about my plans for the mod! The Mod is still in early development, Expect development and updates to be slow due to me being the only one working on it. But I won't let this mod die. I Promise.

First Thing off is going to be the missions, I am currently working on a small demo mission set in the highlands of Cologne expect it's release maybe today? There will be a series containing 5 missions each and new maps and I might just make a sixth special mission for some of them. This mission thing might be slow but I am trying.

The German Enemy troops are my main goal is to make them unfair and hard to kill I already made five types which are the (Wehrmact 14th Infantry Division, 3rd Waffen SS Division, Brandenburgers, Eastern Front Veterans, Luftwaffe Pikemen Company.) I uploaded their images but they I am still working on them. Expect their models to be updated in the future. As for the allied team I am working on that too. There will be new variety of Units to play with in the editor and in the campaign

Any Questions and suggestions in the comments are welcome, I will appreciate anyone who is doing it :)

To be Continued.....

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