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The upcoming patch for Final Revelations, and the things I intent to fix/change.

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Before I go into the patch, I want to give a few tips to you guys to hopefully remove some confusion.

1: Waxrolls are secondary objects and are not important to proceed in the story! They are used to gain information about the storyline, but will not help you with puzzles. You can skip every single waxroll and still be able to complete the story.

2: Some items must be combined in the INVENTORY and some items must be worked with at workshops, laboratorys etc. If you can not combine them, read mementos, notes and other things that may give you a clue what to do with the items, or search for a laboratory etc to use them at. If you can not find any areas to use them at, then that means you most likely need to combine them.
So always try to combine them if you are unsure what to do. ALSO KEEP IN MIND that some items must be combined in the right order.

3: The answer to certain puzzles are in notes you find. You will get mementos pretty often, but if the answer is inside a note then you might not get a memento and you need to read the note instead. Keep that in mind if you are stuck with no mementos to guide you. Having no mementos might ALSO mean you have no puzzles to solve at the moment and just need to keep moving forward.

I will make a new patch eventually.

What I plan to fix/change/add for version 2.0:

1: Make some puzzles a little easier to solve. One of the tunnel system quests and the hidden keycard in the dungeon in chapter 2 are two of them.

2: The final is very hard to beat for some people due to the short time you have at one part of the battle. I will add a few more seconds to the timer.

3: I will add a little more oil at the later part of the story. You can sometimes find oil, although it's pretty rare and you can buy oil at stores and chests, but you can not control what you buy, so you may not always get oil. Because of this, a lot of people have a huge lack of oil, especially at chapter 5 and forward.

4: A lot of typos will be fixed. Thanks Yanka for pointing them out for me.

5: It's a blank book in the library. It was a test and I probably just forgot to remove it. It will be removed in the new patch though.

6: You can skip a quest in one of the tempel maps. That will be changed.

7: One of the guests in the hotel will still "talk" to you even after he leaves.

8: A light is floating in the air at chapter 3. It will be moved down to earth again lol. ^^

9: You can glitch out at Silverbay. It's hard to get to the glitchy spot, but it will be fixed either way.

10: A few other minor glitches will be fixed.

11: Try to add a text that says "I can not combine these, I need to fix it in a different way" when you try to combine the drill part, or other items you are not suppossed to combine.

If you have found any other glitches, report them to me as soon as possible and they will be fixed before I release the next patch as well. Thank you! It is because of you guys this story keeps getting better :3


I glitched myself into the restroom ... lol (not the one in the boat, the one that's "blocked" by boxes).
I figured the door moved a little more every time I punched the door and after a few times I glitched through the door and I was stuck. To be honest it was kinda funny xD

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CheesyDeveloper Author

Lol :p

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