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The new version will feature a whole new scenario to play, improved lighting and graphical tweaks. It also fixes some bugs and improves stability in Windows 8.

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We're working on a major update for Adventures of FrikiBoy. This new version fixes quite a few bugs in the original game and adds many improvements:

  • The game should no longer crash randomly when running under Windows 8. The sound system has been modified to increase compatibility with newer versions of Windows (avoiding the infamous GameMaker 8 crashing bug caused by bad DirectSound legacy support).
  • Characters and items now cast detailed shadows.
  • Wall tiles now have randomized blending tones.
  • A new lighting mode has been added. You can now choose between "Moody" or "Bright" modes. Moody lighting emphasizes dark areas and uses a blue color tint, while bright lighting is exactly the same as the previous version.

  • Some sprites, backgrounds and icons have been redone and tweaked to make them look better.
  • Added trophy and leaderboard support for GameJolt.
  • Internal optimizations have been applied to reduce the overall number of game objects in memory.
  • Fixed the garbled text in some dialogs.

However, the main point of the update is the addition of a new playable quest called "The Gazpacho of Youth" that you can unlock after beating the main game. In this expansion, you must guide FrikiBoy through some ancient trap-filled ruins in search for the mythical Fountain of Youth: a legendary natural spring of tasty gazpacho that will grant him eternal life. An eternity FrikiBoy plans to spend gorging himself with unhealthy food, of course!

Work on this update is progressing smoothly. The release date will be sometime around September 15th. Please check our profile from time to time if you're interested!

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