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Upcoming features i'm currently developing/scripting or soon to be in the process of making as well as just neat things to show.

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Hello there! Before I start thank you again for taking the time out of your day to view this modification and or for downloading it if you have.

So currently as the mod Evolving Sharingan is incredibly new not much content has actually been added, what I've currently been working on recently was fixing the few bugs and making a few traits as for future events I will be making.

Upcoming features

  • Eye Implantation
  • Mangekyo Sharingan's
  • Random events
  • Sharingan abilities
  • ect/etc

Soon enough I will be implementing a feature to be able to steal other Sharingan holders eyes, as well as being able to Implant them into yourself or someone else respectively. though I thought it would be incredibly bland if it simply was just a generic trait everyone could get as well as when Mangekyo Sharingans are transplanted how un-fun that could be for the user to always know or expect what you're getting, and there not being any variety like in the regular Naruto-verse.

So I thought, "Why not have differentiating eyes and qualities". What this would/will do is provide different traits when your Sharingan progresses as to make them more unique to the person and more fun to actually develop and see what you'll recieve as well as making each person more distinct in what they have.

Currently i've made three new traits that Mangekyo sharingan soon enough once they're implemented to branch off from.

These three traits are Three-Tomoe Sharingan the completed stage of a sharingan. Though not implemented as of yet the three traits have been finished as my next focus is Events, be it interactive turn by turn, narrative or simple random character events or decisions to actually progress.

Each being distinctly different yet very similar and instead of me simply telling you what each trait does i'll show you.

Screenshot 684Screenshot 685 1Screenshot 686

Their modifiers are subject to change as of now.

These three traits are currently in-game/mod though have yet to be fully implemented via events or regular progression but are accessible in console, any feedback is gladly appreciated.

Though finally in conclusion this is simply a statement alerting everyone to the plans ahead I have as well as a heads-up as to what's to come and currently in.

Lastly if you want too, please help with the mod in any way you want as it's gladly appreciated. As it may be small I am very happy to hear any sort of feedback you all wish to state.

Helping with the mod

  • Bug reports
  • Giving or stating any ideas or what you believe should be changed.
  • Any sort of feedback
  • Any art for traits or Event ideas



Keep up the good work i wanted to asked you if you implement the MS and the EMS by either killing a close relative either and to get the EMS to duel a brother or close kins who also share the MS power for there eyes and if you win they will be blind or dead and if you lose then nothing will happen but he will escape. I have so many ideas also you should allow children to awaken their sharigan randomly between the ages of 6-16 and let the sharingan develop either thru battle or death or time....the MS should have reqs that should be met, for example to gain MS you need 3 tome sharingan, and to either kill a brother,sister,mom,dad, friend to awaken the ms or to see a friend or close family member die while having MS tome potential. I will keep you posted with my ideas hope we get a update really soon that adds MS and EMS and those stuff

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