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These changes are coming next in these order.

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The first thing coming next patch would be the Su-24M rework. Its load out will become 1x 1500kg laser guided bomb. 24HE will ensure it will blast any infantry cluster with precision. The down side is it cant 1shot kill 2 top armor vehicles, and a rather lengthy rearm time. The carpet bomber role will be given to su-24, with similar stats of old su-24m. It will lose 2 bombs, making it 30 > 28 bombs. However the drop pattern will be more reliable so it is generally a buff. The low end SEAD role of Su-24 will be given to Su-17M3, with similar stats as su-24, but it will be slower, though gain short range air to air missile enable it to kill heli. These rework will come first because they were the winner of the last poll and a promise is a promise.

The second wave of rework will be bringing back the popular units like north korean atgm Bulsae-2, Japanese hawk pip iii. Then Zmech 85 polish line infantry, Hukyoren '90 shock infantry for Japan, Mi-171 chinese transport heli.

The third wave of rework are still being decided. Soon I will bring up another poll of units to add. The winner will be included! The finer details of pre-SA version will be ported while these optional new units are being worked on.

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