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Updates on the mod creation (scripting, game features)

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Well, things are going rather smoothly so far on the scripting side, along with re-texturing. So far, we have re-textured 6 pedestrians to be more zombie-like, and we have scripted the intro and several other key elements of the game. We are currently in the process of making a zombie spawning engine from scratch, which, considering we are not professionals, is proving to be a bit of a teeth-grinder. But we are determined and we will pull through! We have got a basic version of the engine up and running, and soon enough we will smooth everything over.

In additon to this news, we thought we'd give you a heads-up about the general gameplay:

> The game will be made to feel fairly boxed-in; you won't be able to freeroam the entire city, but instead you will be limited to certain areas for each mission. This will help improve the atmosphere and keep it feeling less GTA and more Zombie Horror.

> The game will be somewhat 'co-op', in that most of the game will be spent with another character, and you will trade-off doing missions and work together to overcome problems. Just to be clear, the mod will not be multiplayer; you play as the characters one at a time.

> The game will bring up the save menu automatically after each mission - no more save pickups.

> When you collect items from the city (e.g. weapons, vehicles, health pickups), they will be featured at the hideout once you complete the mission on which you found the pickup.

That's about all the information I can think of at this stage. More updates coming soon!

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