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We're releasing our mod - 19 Wolfenstein 3D maps wrapped in an epic storyline. We guarantee an intense experience.

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Welcome to...




Released on 25.12.2020
by Team Straycats
(see readme for specific credits)


Aryan, Atina, Nep, Nex, serpens and Wolf3DGuy - you likely don't know who the hell we are, but we have finally joined forces in Team Straycats and we wish to give you an experience to remember. If you know Wolfenstein you're going to feel at home, but remember, stakes are high. Only you can put history on its right track.


I am William "B.J." Blazkowicz. My past is sordid, my life - a bloodbath. I have completed missions none thought possible. I have killed thousands. Adolf Hitler himself fell by my hand. I am death. But in strange times even death may die. I was not expecting my toughest task yet to still be ahead of me.

Having single-handedly infiltrated and swept his fortified stronghold, I had removed Hitler from the face of this Earth in early 1944, some months before the planned Operation Bagration could take place. His successor, Heinrich Himmler, was smarter and far more amicable; we managed to strike an uneasy truce. Then, in a little known episode of the war, another agent somehow outspied the Soviet master spies themselves, stealing the plans for upcoming Soviet assault and selling them to the Third Reich. We had arranged for this very carefully. Unburdened on the western front and forewarned about Stalin's designs, Himmler would throw all his forces towards the East, where the two massive armies would - hopefully - stall each other for a long, long time. It was a perfect plan. Our two greatest enemies bleeding each other out, bringing about their own downfall.

But there was a hitch.

In a short briefing, my direct superior told me the story of how a team of German experts in art, literature and history had found a major artefact, called the Spear of Destiny, somewhere in occupied Poland. Now already transferred to German heartland, the Spear is believed to be the one used to pierce Jesus' side at his crucifixion. They say the Spear makes its nation invincible, shaping its destiny.

-Which is obviously bunk because Poland had it and still got rolled over - I sneered. So why do we care about some alleged relic?

-Because the Spear is fake. It's a trap. Let me bring you up to date on German politics. You might have killed Hitler, but his legacy is far from dead. Some top Nazi officials and military men remain fiercely faithful and don't accept the nation's new direction. And when there's conflicting politics, there's plots. The Spear is bait, its shaft is hollow and filled with explosives. Next month, Himmler himself is scheduled to pay a visit to Castle Glücksburg and personally inspect the artefact. They will detonate the trap the moment he steps close. If the explosion doesn't kill him, glass and splinters from the display case will finish him off. We need to stop the attempt on his life, or our master plan to keep the two European wolves at each other's throats is done for.

-I'll go - I said, realizing the importance of this mission.

-You're taking agent Frank with you.

-...oh no.

The road to Germany led through the British Isles. There was a more detailed briefing on site and we could finally learn some details of the plan. Frank was a light-hearted fellow and mostly spent that time cracking jokes. I was trying to stay focused. Despite the truce, German aerial space was still closed to Allied airplanes and command didn't want to violate the conditions. Instead, we were to be sent in semi-official capacity as part of a special forces exchange program initiated with the Third Reich as a sign of good will. Some of our best would come over and share their skills and techniques to a limited extent. It was a good cover.

Having arrived a few days ago - and delivered several boring lectures during that time - we quietly left our quarters on a moonless night and made off towards our first target on stolen motorbikes. Less than an hour later it was time to change our mode of transport. Our contact had a small, quiet plane waiting for us. It's a miracle how the makeshift runway was enough to get us flying. After another hour it was time to get moving.

-Banzai! - Shouted Frank right before opening his parachute. I followed soon after that. We made a safe landing among some sparse trees, with Glücksburg already in sight. The castle was on water, watching over a small fjord, and the roar of patrol boats helped muffle our sounds. There was a tinge of familiarity in all missions like this one. We have reached a back entrance, it was time to enter and raise hell. But this time a dark premonition suddenly overcame me.

-Frank... Frank? - I whispered and cast a nervous look around. We were supposed to watch each other's backs.

And he was already gone.








Merry Christmas everyone!

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