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The release date for Untamed Life of a Cougar has been shifted to 26 August 2015.

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Hello Everyone,

Today, Untamed: Life of a Cougar got submitted to steam :-) , but this means there will have to be a review process. The amount of time it will take to review the game is unknown, so while I have a possible release date of 26th, it may be longer than that. I also have to delay the release of the game on the website so that both the steam version and the non-steam version are available at the same time.

But on the bright side, this means I will have enough time to get all the launch materials in order, including arranging the website, setting up the store, and any other thing that is needed before launching a game (Still a rookie).

An update that has been added to the game is the ability to mark your territory. Rival female Cougars spawn on the map from time to time, so you'll have to go to special trees and mark them.

Also to add to the replay-ability of the game, the color of your cubs depend on the color of the males you mate, so you can play different games and still have different set of cubs.

Once again I'm sorry for the delay in releasing Untamed: Life of a Cougar, but I believe that in the end, the game will be worth the wait.

Over the weekend, I will post some game play videos. These videos will show the current state of Untamed, but as usual, I will continue updating and improving the game. :-)

delay announcement

Have fun and Happy Hunting,

Eugene Onuoha,


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