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After years of constant hard work , I'm pleased to announce that Untamed:Life of a Cougar will be released on the 21st of August 2015. it will be available for digital purchase on steam and a windows release will be the only platform available for now.

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Hello everyone, Its been a long time since the development of Untamed:Life of a Cougar started, and I'm happy to announce that the release date has been set.

Untamed:Life of a Cougar will be released finally on the 21st of August 2015. It will be available on multiple sites for digital purchase including Steam. The purchase price will be revealed at a later date but no need to fret, it will be affordable.

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Even after the final release, I'll continue updating and supporting Untamed:Life of a Cougar (at an even faster rate). I have a lot of plans for Untamed:Life of a Cougar, including some awesome DLCs and Extensions, new missions and new characters with unique behaviors.

I believe that if we all work together as a community (Updating and giving support, Purchasing and Giving feedback while spreading the word about Untamed:Life of a Cougar), we can make Untamed reach its full potential.

Improvements and Characters

These are some of the improvements that have been added during the development process;

Marking Territory

I wanted to show screenshots for this but unfortunately I'm pressed for time, so I will show them at a later date.

Previously, I mentioned the addition of Rival Female Cougars. To prevent them from spawning on the map, you'll have to take care of your territory (If you are not ready to constantly defend it), this means you'll have to go to special trees on the map, one tree located in each area and mark them. there are three ways you can mark your territory

  • By Roaring (I know, Cougars can't roar, but hey it's a game sooo...)
  • By Peeing (If you watch Animal Documentaries, you'll know how this works)
  • By Scratching the tree (Cougars actually do this, go check it out :-) )

After marking a certain tree, for a period of time, no Rival Female can spawn in the area, but they can spawn in other areas if you've not marked those areas.

Wild Horses

I'm not going to write much on this character, but there are screenshots :-)

horsesjphorse vs houndjp

Audio and Music

A lot of work has gone into the audio for Untamed:Life of a Cougar (Maybe I can now call myself a sound Engineer lol), new sounds have been added, also a lot of characters have a variety of sounds so that it doesn't become a pain listening to them.

The forest ambience (Environmental sound) has been upgraded to add to the immersion. I changed the in-game music from the copyrighted magix music maker music to public domain music from some awesome composers Daniel O'Connor and Craig Riley (I don't have the money to compose custom music).

If you really liked the old music, I have some good news, I'll upload them to the site at a later date for free downloads.


During the course of the development, I noticed that part of the user base was from south america, brazil to be precise, so I've decided to add multiple languages because everyone deserves to enjoy the game without having to copy text to google translate :-) . Confirmed languages are English, French and Portuguese. Additional Languages include Spanish and Italian (Not Confirmed yet).

That is all I want to say for now, I'll try my best to be posting regular updates in the lead up to the release date, and I'll like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed in one way or another to helping Untamed reach its current status, you all are awesome.

Have fun and Happy Hunting,

Eugene Onuoha, Developer.

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