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I apologise for the delay, but I'm on reduced hours.

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I must admit, I'm not an expert

As I say, I'm not an expert. Even though I've asked around, posting Jobs on the list, the only people interested in volunteering are Music Producers. Meaning, I'm not getting an actual team of people together, I'm on my own here. While yes, it's true that many people have been supportive, providing their assets and providing advise and assistance, that isn't the same as actually having a dedicated team. Meaning, I'm having to do all the coding on my own.

While importing other people's assets is great and all, that's their work, and it still requires me to code it all in. I'm not going to pull an EA or Rockstar on this if I can help it, so I'm withholding my release for this reason. As I've said, the build I've got isn't stable. While I've stopped it from crashing, I've not something that is even remotely shelf worthy. I did try to ask people if they were going to be bothered by stuff looking all pretty, and I didn't get any answer, so I don't know what people are prioritising here.

The large plan

I'm an ideas guy. I've got a clear picture in my mind as to what the MOD should look like, but I'm not great at expressing it and putting it into Code and Shape. A man can have a fishing rod and want to fish COD, but if he doesn't know how to use that fishing rod, he can keep dreaming all night long. I'm that man, with that fishing rod, and I want to fish salmon. The problem is, I don't know how to. The fishing rod is the Programs such as Notepad++ and 3DSMax9. The Salmon is the image of my MOD in my mind.

I might know what the scripts should say. I might know what each Character should look and sound like. I might know exactly with precise detail as to what every unit, every structure, every prop, and everything in between should look like. I might know what I want the whole thing to be, but if I don't know how to use the programs I've got in order to do this, I'm not going to be as fast at doing it as most.

I admit, I could use the help, but I don't use things like Discord, and I don't use Social Media. So, because of this, I'm simply not reaching the people who might be able to help out. While I don't mind working on my own, it will mean that everyone who's waiting for this MOD will have to keep waiting. All I can do is apologise, and ask that you all wait.

Other things slowing me down

As I said in a previous Article, my father is not in the best of health. So I'm a bit distracted with him right now. No, I'm not looking for a sympathy vote, I'm only telling you the facts as they stand.

If I can get what I need, a team

If I can get a group of dedicated volunteers in each area of expertise, then I can pick up the pace. With all of the correct people, this MOD will even come with a dedicated Anime Series to accompany it. Though, that's probably not going to happen. The brutal truth is, if I had a million bucks, then I could simply pay for enough people to get the job done properly. People of that type of quality either work on their own projects or get paid for their work. The bit that makes things worse is, the people who are new to it, and are just trying to get started don't have the confidence to contact me and help out. I don't need an expert, just someone who's able to figure out the bits I can't figure out for myself, to do the things that I'm otherwise limited at doing, and to help get something worthy for the players.

I can stand here with ideas in my head all day long, but if I don't have a team to spread the workload across, then it's going to take some time. You can think of me as the Director who's trying to make the whole film on my own, with only a couple of musicians to help out with the music. I need some Programmers, and I need some people who know how to use 3DSMax9.

I can make the models myself, but I don't know how to properly do all the fiddly bits in order to get it into the game properly like any normal structure or unit. Right now for instance, I'm making a new Unit, but I'm not doing it like a professional. It's crudely being put together, it's likely to have over 100 different Objects when I'm finished. While the shape of it will be a work of art, it will look like a Jackson Pollock and not be fully Animated. I'll find myself doing each Animation manually most likely, by code.

In the pipeline and backlog

Currently, I've got a few buildings I've made myself. These include: Barracks, Vehicle Land Zone, Tech Centre, and Tiberian Mining Platform. These lack proper Animations and Code to make them work properly. They haven't even been painted, so they're just Wireframe Models with Black coats on them. I intend to at least finish the code for the full tech tree for the Faction. This may mean that there are no units that I've made as of yet, but it's something I guess.

Some benefits to other creators, anyone who's able to assist me in getting my stuff shelf worthy is welcome to use the assets I create in their own projects if they wish to do so, with credit obviously, hahahaha.

Currently working on

I'm currently making a new Unit. I will likely make two versions of that same unit, one for Cinematics, and the other for general usage. One will be larger than the other. The usable general usage version will be the equivalent to the GDI Kodiak. Though it will be likely better in a 1VS1 situation. The name of it is yet to be decided. It will have a Japanese inspired name, so anyone who's got any suggestions, feel free to throw them out into the open.

The Cinematic Version of the Command Ship will be a Carrier Battleship. The GDI Kodiak will get it's own variant of this class to. Carrier Battleships or otherwise Command Ships will handle Space Operations as well as both ground and naval operations. Outfitted with Hanger Bays and massive Cannons, these will be able to turn the tides of battle from almost certain defeat to total victory. The GDI Kodiak Version will be able to call an Ion Cannon Strike. The CCS Version will be able to call in its own Super weapon and so on. The Brotherhood of NOD will get an Updated version of the Leviathan. The Scrin will get there own version, and so on.

Anyway, I figured I'd at least provide you all with an update, since the original plan didn't happen.


The command ship idea sounds interesting. Best of luck for your future.

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No rush, i would rather have a proper good mod. Either way i'll be waiting for this mod until it releases! Good luck

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