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The Unreal Construction Mod is here. Well, has been around for a bit, and I thought it was necessary to have a video for it to convince all of you players

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Unreal Construction mod Play test media, this is the original Play test ran by the creator of the mod, Christopher Cox. Originally, Christopher wanted to re-introduce the construction mod from Tribes 2 into Unreal Tournament 3, giving players an explosion full of new features, and physics. The original construction mod was created on a fairly old engine, around 2003 or so. The time is now, for a resurrection. A mod, awaiting many players to have a full fun thriving experience. Grab the mod today!

Currently the mod is stable, smooth, and has a lot of features, in this video Christopher demonstrates what you can do with the mod, have a look!

Note: Since the day this video was uploaded, the weapons and features have been improved, so some of the things you see in the video may be different from the current version, 1.0

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