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We’ve rolled back the Robocraft clocks and putting some much community-requested features back into the game.

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We’ve rolled back the Robocraft clocks and putting some much community-requested features back into the game. If you follow our game director Mark Simmons on Twitter, you’ll already know that he recently alluded to some game mode changes in Robocraft. Well, we’re super-excited to announce that we’ve added a new ‘Play Screen’ to the game and with it unranked Battle Arena!

The full patch notes are below.


    • Unranked Battle Arena added to the game*
    • New play screen
      • Basic Mode has been renamed to Team Deathmatch
      • Normal Mode has been renamed to League Arena
      • Custom Games placeholder added (yes it really is coming soon)
    • In League Arena, all players on the winning team will each receive a Protonium Crate and all players on the losing team will each receive a Gold Crate
    • All League Arena players will now earn double XP


    • All new players will now receive more starter blocks when they create their account so they can start building Robots straight away. In addition to the blocks on their starter Robots, new players to the game will also receive 2,000 solid square chassis cubes and 1,000 of each other common type chassis cube in their inventory

*The addition of unranked Battle Arena will mean the average player may see an increase in queue times to around 90 seconds. Those players with a high MMR should see improved queue times over their current averages. The queue times between ranked and unranked modes should be similar.


    • New keyboard shortcuts (this affects new players only). Any player wishing to change their keyboard shortcuts can do so via the controls screen (accessed by pressing the escape key in the garage view)
      • Battle Arena - B
      • Team Deathmatch - H
      • League Arena - L
      • BRAWL - J
    • The name of the game mode being played is now displayed on the pause menu
    • Removed the game lobby for players levels 1-5 to decrease queue times for all players
    • Disabled the dust particle on low quality graphic settings on the following maps:
      • Ophiuchus Valley
      • Spitzer Dam
      • Tihonium Canyon
      • Tharsis Rift
    • New loading screen for Tihonium Canyon
    • New loading screen for Spitzer Dam
    • Minimap for Spitzer Dam has been updated
    • Minimap for Ophiuchus Valley has been updated
    • Removed the functionality to change the color of a player’s Robot name


    • Fixed a bug which prevented players with older accounts progressing through the tutorial
    • Fixed a bug which caused players to enter edit mode and not the main garage screen when skipping or completing the tutorial
    • Updated the inventory icons for Vampire wings and rudders
    • Fixed the Clan Seasons Reward screen Robits image
    • Fixed a bug which displayed the Party Invite dialogue in Italian incorrectly
    • Fixed a bug which caused the pulsing animation for base progress to stop if a team destroyed a large number of crystals on the opposing team’s base
    • Fixed a bug which caused high-scoring players to receive less objective score than expected
    • Fixed an audio bug which caused the wrong voiceover to play for both teams in the event of a win/loss
    • Fixed a sync issue with the voiceover and game end explosion in Battle Arena modes
    • Tweaked the AI bot pathfinding algorithm to improve their ability to maneuver around the new maps
    • Updated the crate purchasing screen to correctly display the ‘guaranteed legendary’ messaging in English
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