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A new version has come out. It includes many new features, as well as upgrade to TES 2.0.1 as a base.

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Unofficial Patch 2.0 for The Elder Scrolls
(BETA released December 26th 2020, the FINAL VERSIN 3th January 2021)

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(a very short version, likey forgot half of the stuff)
(a very short version, likely forgot most of stuff)
- 5 new fully playable factions - Kingdom of Evermore, Kingdom of Sharnhelm, Hold of Haafingar, Kingdom of Cyrodiil, Council of Thalmor
- 4 New unplayable factions - Clans of The Reach (horde faction), Akaviri Invaders, Maormer Invaders and Dungeon faction. The Reachmen are always a starting faction, while the Maormer/Akaviri may later invade
- 2 originally unplayable factions are now payable (in some scenarios ) - Worm Cult (The Undead) and Daedric Realms.
- One of the most essential features of this version are lore guilds, missions and dungeons. You can read about them further below.

- 3 couples of shadow factions - Empire/Cyrodiil, Summerset/Thalmor and Eastmarch/Haafingar. Shadow mechanics mean, that characters may revolt from one faction to the other based on loyalty and leader's authorities and also that the faction may emerge throughout the game.
- Ovehauled AI (using Skynet AI now) and difficulty system. The AI get different bonus based on what difficulty you pick. Garisson script is included only for H and VH difficulty.
- Many custom campagns across 3 eras, see below.
- Overhauled factions relations
- New events and invasions (Akaviri/Maormer) ...
- Many new units and and especially many reskins. Especially for bretons, nords, imperials and altmers due to the new factions (see the previews)
- New Custom stratmap (settlement/ports/...) models for many cultures.
- New audio, music, IU, animations, banners, battlefield models, skies, water, etc
- Overhauled menu, new logo

- Fixed mages projectiles.
- Added a new religions - Yokudan Pantheon (for redguards), Akaviri, Maormer, The Eight (unused in this version), .... Changed religion of ashlander tribes to deadric cults.
- Added about 1500 new (sur)names and about 250 custom portraits (for ESO characters mostly)
- Changed many of faction leaders/heirs prefixes, priest titles, settlement names, ...
- Fortresses can be upgraded
- Many map changes - Overhauled terrain in many regions, such as Wrothgar or Blackmarsh adding ports, changing borders, economical improvements, lowered levels of most of settlements, as they now can be upgraded, etc

- Fixed/improved shapes of most of Vvardenfell islands.
- Balancing campaigns - Added/removed/changes many scripts. Changed starting balance of all factions (buildings, traits, ....),...

- Many new descriptions of all kinds...
- Changed movement ranges.
- And more...

Guilds, missions and dungeons
- Overhauled the missions system... Removed the vanilla ones and most the new ones are availible only through various lore guilds (there is now cca 12 guilds).
- Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Necromancers Guild availible to all fations. Then there is also many specific to various religions, cultures or factions
- There are many dungeons all over the map (I recommend turing character labels on, so you can see their names on the map) and they use custom dungeon battlefields and are occupied by dungeon fation.
- You receive dungeon quests from Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, with possibly great rewards. You can aslo take dungeons on your own (without a mission) with little generic reward (artifacts) but I highly recommend to rather wait for the missions.
- Other guilds of course also have many unique missions of their own.
- You can read about the guilds, missions and dungeon in much greater depth HERE (or in worse formating on moddb)

Recruitment, units and buildings
- Recruitment based on religion - You need to convert foreign settlements before you can recruit new units there.
- Massively rebalanced unit stats (especially unit costs and upkeeps) and recruitment trees (upgrading military buildings is necessary to get elite units, etc)
- Unit additions - New factons. Then also for The Undead, Dunmer, Redguards, Orsimer. Few more variants of siege crews. Readded some units removed by TES TW. Made generals recruitable for all factions.
- All units now can be recruited.
- There are many AoR units (unique to some regions) so make sure to check bulding browser in your regions to see (will include a list of AOR units later). Most of mercenary armies from TES TW you actually also need to upgrade your barracks in the relevant settlements to get them.
- Added several new buildings, such as temples, knight chapters, etc
- Spies, assassins and Fighters/Mages Guild units, slaves, a few undead, can be recruited from guild buildings (thus, you need to accumulate guild points to build them)

Traits and Ancillaries Overhaul
Ratial traits - All major races of Tamriel are in game via traits. Effects of these traits might be slightly changing player's strategy for some factions
Alchemy potions - are availible as dungeon Mages Guild rewards. In the hotfix I will enable crafting.
Birthsign traits - Every new character is randomly born into certain star constellation, giving him small bonuses.
Religion traits - Characters with high piety might become dedicated followers of one of the gods, giving them small bonuses.
Khajiit traits - Many traits from khajiit culture has been added, as well as khajiit name suffixes.
Faction leader traits - These traits usually have two levels. The first, basis level is granted when a character becomes faction leader. The second level might be obtained if a faction leader unites the entire province/becomes more powerful. Example - Grandmaster of House Hlaalu/King of Morrowind.
Vampires, Werewolves - Vampyrism and Lycanthropy is now imgame. Your generals might get bitten...
Governor ancillaries
- Governor ancillaries for most of settlements. Titles are not the same for each faction. For example if a nord becomes lord of Anvil, he is called jarl, while an altmer would become canonreeve.
Special ancillaries - For various special military units/guilds/orders (for example the companions, dragonguard, etc)
Character Ancillaries - For important characters, such as Sotha-Sil, Molag Bal, Hero of Kvatch, etc
And many more...

Custom Campaigns:
You can read in much greater depth HERE (will add in 3rd/4th era soon), or in worse formating on moddb articles
- Each campagn is unique towards others, in many areas - campaign dificulty/lenght, starting positions, developement, events and so on.

2E 542 - Black Drake
- This scenario takes place about 40 before events of TBW, during Black Drake's invasion of High Rock and rise of First Daggerfall Covenant.
- Undeveloped starting settlements - Average starting armies - Local starting wars - Experienced starting generals - Extensive family trees - Regular events (plus some lore big events, such as Khanatan Flu, possibly Akaviri and maormeri raids, etc later in game)

Durcorach the Black Drake was a reachmen Emperor, who led an invasion against the Bretons of High Rock during the Interregnum. Nothing is known about Durcorach's early life. At one stage in his life, he became the chieftain of his tribe, and eventually the Emperor of Cyrodiil, beginning a decades long dynasty of Reachmen Emperors known as the Longhouse Emperors. He married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Tharn family of Nibenay to bring himself closer to power and to legitimize his claim to the Ruby Throne. In 2E 541, Durcorach amassed an army and invaded High Rock. Camlorn and Evermor have already fallen. Durcorach is marching to seize Daggerfall, leaving besieged Wayrest behind....


2E 582 - Three Banners War
- An adaptation of the events of Elder Scrolls Online
- Hardcore event campaign (especially if you play as empire and the main alliance factions) - Powerful factions, many large events,... However in this version I moved most of events to starting factions.
The Scenario is much more complex and detailed than any other other currently existing TES scenario. It contains hundreds of characters from game.
There is also many interesting events, including for example an expedition into Oblivion. They are mostly invading events against player, what is increasing difficulty a lot. The scenario in general should be more difficult and time demanding then usual scenarios. All events should happpen in circa first 45 turns. However, if you fail to defeat Molag Bal, some of the events shall continue.
- Highly developed starting settlements - Large starting armies - Global starting wars (Alliance War) - Several experienced starting generals (hundreds of characters from ESO) - Extensive family trees - Hardcore events (Planemeld, numerous alliance events,..)

The Five Companions were able to retrieve the Amulet of Kings and begin the ritual to light dragonfires in the year 2E 578. The Five gathered at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City, and began to perform the ritual. At that moment, Mannimarco immobilized everyone present and revealed his true intentions: he was an agent of Molag Bal, and the ritual did not reignite the Dragonfires, but in fact did the exact opposite, weakening the ancient barriers between Nirn and Oblivion in an event known as the Soulburst.
This event allowed Molag Bal to initiate the Planemeld. As the Soulburst occurred, aftershocks were swept across every corner of Nirn. Mages died or went mad, Red Mountain trembled in Morrowind, earthquakes shook Skyrim and heavy storms devastated the coastlines of Elsweyr and Valenwood. The constellation of the Serpent grew so large that it seemed to threaten every star sign at once. And dark anchors of Molag has spawned at many places, bring death, enslavement of mortals and despair...
After the Soulburst, Varen Aquilarios mysteriously went missing. Lyris Titanborn was captured by Mannimarco to be sacrificed, Abnur Tharn simply fled from the city altogether and Sai Sahan fled with the amulet, and hid it in the depths of Sancre Tor.
Afterwards, the Tharn family, who were now the new rulers of Cyrodiil through the new Empress Regent Clivia Tharn, made a secret pact with Mannimarco who had agreed to strengthen the Imperial armies of Cyrodiil by resurrecting their soldiers. Abnur, Clivia's father, had grown a deep hatred for Mannimarco after the Soulburst, and he was soon captured, brought to the Castle of the Worm in Coldharbour and imprisoned there...


3E 427 - Main Campaign
- Original campaign. Adaptatin of events of TES II, III and IV
- Undeveloped starting settlements - Minimal starting armies - No starting wars (except Dagoth and Undead) - Inexperienced starting generals - Average family trees - regular events (+Nerevarine and Oblivion Crisis)

The Septim Dynasty was founded by the legendary Talos, who took the Cyrodilic name of Tiber Septim and later established the Third Empire of Tamriel in 2E 897 after decades of conquest, thus marking the end of the Second Era and the advent of the Third Era.
Under the Septims, Tamriel prospered and its provinces enjoyed peace and stability that had not been seen since before the chaotic centuries of the Interregnum. New conflicts would still arise, however, which would stretch the Empire to the breaking point throughout the Third Era. A battle over the royal succession ensued during the War of the Red Diamond between 3E 120 and 3E 127. The Camoran Usurper seized control of Valenwood and Hammerfell from 3E 249 to 3E 267. Emperor Uriel Septim V spearheaded an ill-fated invasion of Akavir in 3E 288, resulting in the emperor's death and the loss of a considerable portion of the Empire's military strength. Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn overthrew the rightful emperor and ruled for a decade beginning in 3E 389, a period that would become known as the Imperial Simulacrum.
Through all of these challenges, the Empire held and the Septim line survived.


3E 433 - Oblivion Crisis
- Hardcore campaign (especially if you play as empire or the daedra) -
- The only scenario where you can play as The Daedra. Oblivion Gate travel included. You can also play as the most factions in this scenario
- Undeveloped starting settlements - Average starting armies - No starting wars (except Daedra and Undead)- Experienced starting generals - Average family trees - regular events (+Oblivion Crisis at the beginning of the game)

The Oblivion Crisis, also known as the Great Anguish, was a total war between the Daedra and the population of Tamriel. Uriel Septim VII and all of his known heirs were assassinated. Shortly afterward, Oblivion Gates to the Deadlands opened across Tamriel and Daedra poured out as the result of a fanatical cult of worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon known as the Mythic Dawn. Widespread devastation and casualties resulted across entire provinces. The Daedra besieged Skyrim, and laid waste to the Old Holds. In Black Marsh, the Hist called back many Argonians to fight off the Daedra. The Daedric commanders closed many gates to stop the united Argonians from entering. In Cyrodiil, the city of Kvatch was entirely destroyed. The Empire earned the hatred of the Dunmer by pulling Imperial forces out of Morrowind during the crisis in order to better protect Cyrodiil. The Empire is near collapse, but Uriel VII's illegitimate son, Martin Septim, has risen up with the help of a mysterious hero...


4E 172 - Great War
- Recommneded if you want to skip slow expansion part, and jump right into action.
- Developed starting settlements - Large starting armies - Global starting wars (Empire vs Dominion, Morrowind vs Blackmarsh)- Experienced starting generals - Minimal family trees - regular events

It has been 171 years since Martin Septim sacrificed himself to stop the Oblivion crisis, and in this time the problems of Tamriel have not abated. Only a few years later, the Red year devastated Morrowind and the Argonians succeeded from the Empire mounting a vicious campaign of aggressive expansionism into weakened Morrowind, all of southern Morrowind fell and the Argonian advance was only halted by the warriors of House Redoran. In the 49th year of the Fourth Era out of Black Marsh came the floating city of Umbriel spreading undeath and plague wherever it went.
Orsinium was sacked and the orcs have fled south East to the Mountains between Skyrim and Hammerfell to set up their New Orsinium. Daggerfall and Wayrest the two chief Kingdoms of High Rock remain prosperous secluded from the troubles of Tamriel, for now.
In Hammerfell the Crowns and Forebears continue to wage war on one another for the right to rule all Redguards.
The Dunmer begin to pick up the pieces of their broken Kingdom in Morrowind with House Redoran taking the reigns of power as the saviors of the Dunmer people.
Perhaps most worryingly a political party in the Summerset Isles known as the Thalmor managed to take control of the Isles and rename them Alinor, their influence soon spread as they backed a coup in the government of Valenwood which led to Valenwoods succession from the ever weakening Empire and joining the newly founded Aldmeri Dominion. Elsweyr succeeded from the Empire and serves as a vassal state to the Aldmeri Dominion.
The new Emperor of Tamriel, Titus Mede II, only ascended to the throne 3 years ago in 168, but now faces a challenge like no other. The day is the 30th of Frostfall and an unannounced ambassador of the Aldmeri dominion has arrived in the Imperial City, he makes a list of demands to the new Emperor among the demands are hefty tributes, the outlawing of Talos worship, the disbandment of the Blades and ceding large areas of Southern Hammerfell to the Dominion, the Emperor refused at which point the Ambassador uncovered a cart he had brought to reveal hundreds of severed heads, the heads of ALL Blades agents in Summerset Isles and Valenwood. Thus the Great War Begins.
The Thalmor general Lord Naarifin emerges in the South of Cyrodiil from hidden camps in the borders of Elsweyr, and quickly takes a control of Leyawiin. Simultaneously an army led by the Thalmor Lady Arannelya marched through Cyrodiil from Valenwood bypassing Anvil and Kvatch and moving to Hammerfell and other Thalmor forces quickly began to land on the Southern coast of Hammerfell...
The War has begun, the fate of the Empire and perhaps all Tamriel hangs in the balance, now is the time of TOTAL WAR!


4E 175 - White-Gold Concordat
- Something between short and a long campaign.
-Averagely developed starting settlements - Average starting armies - Local starting wars (Hammerfell vs Dominion, Morrowind vs Blackmarsh ) - Inexperienced starting generals - Minimal family trees - regular events

4 Years have passed since the Great War began. Since then Southern Hammerfell has been conquered by the Dominion as well as southern Cyrodiil and even the Imperial City was sacked and occupied.
Titus Mede II, Emperor of Tamriel has made his last, bold, move, he gathered his legions for a march on the Imperial City itself to retake it from the Thalmor, in a surprise attack the City was surrounded and liberated.
The Thalmor general Naarifin who led the conquest of Cyrodiil and the infamous sacking of the Imperial City itself inflicting untold horrors on the innocent residents, was hung with a rope from the White-Gold Tower and kept alive for thirty-three days as Justice and vengeance for his actions. Yet the battle of the Red Diamond was a Pyrrhic Victory for the Imperials, they have lost too many men to keep this war going.. Titus knows that this may be his last and only chance for peace, while Alinor still reels from the news of the loss of Cyrodiil the Emperor sends word he is ready to make a peace and end the war. The treaty holds many of the same demands the Thalmor had asked for before the war, the outlawing of Talos worship in the Empire and the disbandment of the diminished Blades are both accepted terms, as well as the Emperor agreeing to cede southern Hammerfell to the dominion. The treaty is signed by the Emperor in the White-Gold Tower itself thus earning the name "The White-Gold Concordat".
Meanwhile the former rivalries of the Clans and Forebears have been put aside, the Redguards stand together against their common foe. They denounce the Imperial submission and most of all blatantly refuse to hand over southern Hammerfell to the Dominion, they continue the fight against the Elves and the Emperor has no choice but to disown them and declare them no longer a part of the Empire, this causes relations between the Empire and the Redguards to cease, and this abandonment will not soon be forgotten.
Meanwhile in Morrowind House Redoran has managed to push further south ever so slightly retaking formerly annexed lands from the Argonians, full scale war does not erupt as the Argonians begin to pull back allowing the Dunmer some small amount of their past lands.
In Skyrim the Forsworn Reachmen manage to conquer Markarth in the chaos of the war forcing the Nords out. Ulfric Stormcloack Jarl of Windhelm leads a Nord Militia in the retaking of the city with the assurance from Igmund the rightful Jarl of Markarth that the ban on Talos worship would be lifted if he retook the city. Ulfric and his militia defeated the Forsworn occupying the city and captured their King Madanach. Igmund keeps his word as Jarl allowing the worship of Talos, but when Imperial reinforcements arrived to restore rule of law Ulfric wouldn't allow them entry until they agreed to allow the worship of Talos in the Empire, with looting and death on Markarths streets the Imperials accepted Ulfrics terms thus possibly jeopardizing the peace with the Aldmeri Dominion. Eventually under pressure from the Thalmor the Empire rescinded their agreement with Ulfric and had he and his Militia are ousted from the city and arrested.
One Great War has ended, but the peace will not last, what shall be the fate of Hammerfell and the Empire in this time of TOTAL WAR...


4E 201 - Stormcloak Rebellion
- An adapation of events of TES V Skyrim
- Undeveloped starting settlements - Minimal starting armies - Local starting wars ( Skyrim vs Empire, Morrowind vs Blackmarsh )- Experienced starting generals - Minimal family trees - regular events (Diplomacy scripts)

4E - 201 A year that will go down in history and legend both, the year of the last Dragonborn.
5 years after the Great War had ended, the Redguards of Hammerfell were still fighting against the Aldmeri occupation.
They had been abandoned by the Empire and left alone, but this struggle had brought the bickering clans of Hammerfell together, the Crowns and Forebears put aside their age old rivalries and stood united against the Elves, alone, they managed to fight the Elves to a standstill, and in the year 180 the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai was signed, all remaining Dominion forces withdrew from Hammerfell.
High Rock had been spared many of the horrors of the Great War due to it's position far from the fronts, but its time of peace did not last. In the year 188 Corsair pirates sacked the Great trade city of Wayrest and took it over, a golden age in the Kingdom of Wayrests history quickly came to a violent end. Meanwhile in Cyrodiil unrest was rife, criminals roamed freely as the weakened Empire clung to what strength they had left. In Bravil two major players in the Skooma trade decided to use the city as their battleground. Riots and looting took over the city, even the Lucky Lady statue was destroyed, and it took weeks for guards to restore order.
In Skyrim the young High King Torygg ruled, his father Istlod, who had led Skyrim in the Great War had died a few years earlier and Torygg had been near unanimously voted High King, one who spoke against Torygg was Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm.
After the Markarth incident Ulfric began to lose faith in the Empire, he believed it was no longer the proud strong Empire it had once been, the Empire forged by Talos, had abandoned him... No longer would Ulfric bend his knee to Torygg, no longer would he sit by while the Elves steal away people in the night. Ulfric rode to the Great Capital of Skyrim, Solitude. There before the Kings court he issued a challenge to Torygg, an old Nord custom, a duel of Honor and Strength. Torygg knew Ulfric was a greater warrior, and that Ulfric could use the Thu'um, he respected Ulfric, and he was no coward, he accepted his death like a true Nord. And so Ulfric used his Thu'um and shouted the brave young King apart, he then fled the city on horseback with guards in pursuit. The Imperials decried him as a traitor and coward guilty of regicide, and ordered his arrest, Ulfric raised his banner in Rebellion and several of the holds of Skyrim followed him.
Skyrim is split in two, the Civil War has begun. Yet... their may be greater threats on the horizon... For the Scrolls have foretold of Black Wings in the Cold that when Brothers Wage War Come Unfurled!!



(features that werent in either BETA or hotfixes, for those see the article)

- New unique late game missions for Mages and Fighters Guild, requirement is a sufficient guild rank (you need the highest level of the guild building)

- Joining the "evil" side final testament - If you choose to support the necromancers via Necromancers Guild, (and thus oppose the "good" side) once you build the highest lvl of Necromancers Guild, you may let Mannimarco join you and recruit more undead units, however significantly damaging relationship with other factions and some other guilds.

- Improved Molag Bal (Three Banners Wars) and Mehrunes Dagon (Oblivion Crisis) Events

- Added missing strat custom models for generals from TES TW 2.0

- New armour upgrades to a few imperial/altmer units and more officeers to imperial units.

- Fixed plenty of bugs dicovered in the BETA. Most importantly - long turn times, too passive AI due to dungeons, loadig saves crashes, ability to upgrade settlements, missing unit models, new Telvanni generals, reachmen invisible banners, etc.... oh, and most importantly, fixed the bugged Arion Telvanni portrait! :D

Medieval II Engine Overhaul Project included
- You can visit the project forum (here) or join discord (here) to find more info.
- The Project has succeeded in removing several hardcoded limits from the M2TW game, such as limit to religions/ancillaries, scripting, ability to add more strat features on the map, ability to use all console commands, etc.
- In this version Im using directly label overhals to allow more interesting scripts (Oblivion gate travel, etc), increased religion limit, increaed number of ancillaries, increased cost of siege equipment, berserks ability for soe units, and so on. In the upcoming hotfix will include much more, such as alchemy crafting, etc
- You can also use many of its features in game, such as changing your faction during singleplayer campagn, console commands, change the limits and so on...
- But never decrease religion limit undead 14, or the game will not start!

Things to be included in the hotfix
- I havent managed to include every thing I somewhat promised due to various reasons, but mainly time limitations to be able to release on Christmas.
- However, all the things and much more will be included in the upcoming 2.01. Such as more lore friendly Harcon/joining vampires (tied to whether your factions turns "evil"), hopefully the characters ages (so the elves could live longer), crafting, change 12 turns per year to 2, more various lore and diplomacy scripts, change of bodyguards to werewolves/vampires when you become one of those, ... (there will be more info in an article)
- I have added many game changing overhauls, so while geting those to work, I had much less time than I hoped to have for polishing lesser things, such as campagns and so on, so lot of polishing to starting situation of factions may be done (mainly in regards of starting characters and economies)
- And hence the next chapter below:

- Help us fix the bugs - Whenever you approach any bug/crash, help us get ridof them, by reporting it to me (messages or posts). The report should contain report from log file (Medieval II Total War/logs) or/and a save made just before the crash!
- Some battle settlement models might be incorrect.

- Some factions have incorrect voices.
- Custom battle show some vanilla battles instead ot the custom TES ones. Willfigure out how to fix it in the upcoming hotfix.

Changes to official 2.0 TES TW
Almost all features of the official 2.0 included, except - their recruitment and unit balance system (overhauled), changes to events - you can no longer obtain Mannimarco (as you can play the undead faction instead now). Dawnguard script moved to the 2nd and 4th era campaigns, Harkon script not availible , you can usually play as him as Undead faction usually. You can no longer choose whether Oblivion Crisis happens (and of course, the invasion was improved, so its no longer that imbalanced). Garisson script moved to H and VH difficulty and made it less intense. No military reform, you can now upgrade fortresses to citadels. Fighters guild turned to actual guilds. Replaced governor ancs with our ones. Removed/didnt use some other ancillaries (=replaced with our variants), added triggers to armor/weapon/shield/banner ancs. Added more ports, changed some borders, and really lot of smaller things naturally....

Visit our moddb page, follow and rate us!
(thats also where you can find more previews)

Check out our forum at TWC


You can also join our official TES discord!

Install instructions for the "Tool Included" download:

Make sure you are using right download, there are two that you can pick from.
(If you wish to try to set up the EOP tool yourself, see the instructions in the file download on moddb. If you wish to to set the tool yourself, use this download)

1. Download and install The Elder Scrolls 2.0 (Full Version) + The Elder Scrolls 2.0.1.

Of course, you need to apply 4GB patch or LAA patch as well. LINK

2. Go into your The_Elder_Scrolls/data and delete the whole "world" folder"!
3. Download and install TES Unofficial Patch 2.0 (this "TOOL INCLUDED" download, not the other one), and extract it into your Medieval II Total War/mods folder, so that it merges with your previously installed TES 2.0.1 (you will know that you are doing it correctly if it asks you to overwrite, hit yes).

4. Download and extract the hotfix into your The_Elder_Scrolls folder.
5. You must use "TES UP" launcher to play the mod, other launchers will not work. Once the launcher opens, disable "full loging", then "apply changes" and choose "Start Mod"
6. You are ready to play!

No other files or patches are necessary.

To use any aspects of the mod for other purposes than just playing you need a permisson!

Future plans
- Include many more lore traits, ancillaries and mechanics. Feel free to share your ideas!
- Improve and use Iliac custom map, samely as Vvardenfell map. Possibly more custom campaigns in distant future
- Improve Voice Overhaul
- New custom campaigns - Varen's Rebellion and campaigns from septim era. Also campaigns using the new maps.
- Make more unplayable factions playable
Improving the current content. Especially balancing unit abilites in battles, as there is still many things to improve.
- More units, both new custom and map models.
- Many more balancing and tweaking of all kinds

Current Team
Jadli - Team leader. Everything except modelling.
NauticalNate1 - Unit retextures for all new factions and also many old ones. New Banners
Bantu Chieftain - New units and models. Importing units. Mages projectiles fix

Former Team (or helping out time from time)
PeaMan - Dragon retexture, animations, mapping.
makanyane - help with adjusting dungeon models
K'Sharra The Conqueror - Most of the new traits and ancillaries, map weaking, new units, and several other things.
rafmc1989 - New models, textures, animations, units, sounds and literally few GBs of other things
Tasunke - mages balance, voice overhaul
Gigantus - New installer and various bugfixing for 1.41. Helping me with modding issues almost daily
Lifthrasir - New menu and mod logos
CommodusIV - Polishing texts, removing all vannilla references.
ArBo - Map editing
Dragon. - Help with transferring 1.31 contents into 1.41. Providing a constructive critic.
Socrates1984 - Some custom portraits and other various graphical additions
Dawnbreaker - Writting descriptions (for older version) and lore advisor
Asbjorn Ironside - Testing
kmart - unit models

The Original TES developer team
Bethesda Games
Zenimax Online Studio
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Divide And Conquer - Base for redguard settlement models (retextured)
Europa Barbarorum II - Base for redguard, elven, men and argonian ports (retextured)
Third Age Unofficial Patch - Custom battlefields for dungeons by leo.civil.uefs
BOTET - Dragon model
Fire and Blood - A few strat models and dragon retexture
okiir - Most new banner designs
Carnage752 - Some files in previous versions
Hegemony Submod - A few banners ideas

You can check out campaign and battle previews from Rampaned as well!

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