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The aamzing bonus content of the Cerebral Bundle is now within reach!

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Having finally had the first Cerebral Bundle bonus unlock at 1000 sales and after six whole days (it is the lovely Phantasmaburbia Deluxe Box in case you haven’t noticed), it has become apparent that, at this rate, unlocking the rest of the wonderful extra content we’ve put together for you would be almost impossible. And that, dear gamers, would be a shame.

We have thus changed the rules, fiddled with the numbers, pleaded with demi-gods and decided that the rest of the bonus content will unlock for every 250 sales; a more modest, more achievable goal. So, here’s the way our bonuses will become available to you (remember, you do not have to beat the average price to get our unlockable extras):

-1250 sales: Dédale DeLuxe Wallpapers unlock

-1500 sales: Cognition Prequel Comic unlock

-1750 sales: Dédale De Luxe OST unlock

-2000 sales: Necrotic Drift Source Code unlock

-2250 sales: Cognition OST unlock

-2500 sales: Reversion Music unlock

Help us reach these goals! Grab the bundle and, please, spread the word!

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