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Quickly going over the Combat Minigame and its future version plans and what's next on the road for Unliving!

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Well, I'm home and totally capable of writing a decent news piece this time. So, what's new?

Combat Minigame

The Combat Minigame is now sitting comfortably at v0.29. For those of you who haven't found or tried it yet, it's over in the Downloads section. The Combat Minigame is an extension of the main game. When you run into zombie hordes, this is [possibly one of] the situations you will find yourself in. I can possibly extend furthermore from this to allow for "sneak" minigames and such to avoid stagnant and repetative scenarios.
In the Combat Minigame, it is your join to run, dodge and hide from the zombie horde. Sometimes their ranks will swell as you accidentally take a wrong turn and call for unwanted attention, and sometimes one or two will wander off and grow weary of the chase.

You will spend most of your time doing this.

Currently, your character is at best a simpleton. His stats are basic 10s and has no chance of using weapons and armour from this experience. Seriously, he doesn't even learn/improve skills -- yet. Meanwhile, the zombies are packing a generator and are being spat out in disembodied 2/2HP and Give-Me-Them-Steroids 16/16HP.
Luckily, I've thrown Mr Simpleton a generous 30/30HP, for those times when you stumble. You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, give it a shot. Give me some critique on how it sucks, how it's awesome and how I can improve it. Whilst your computer handles the massive 92kb, here's a list of my plans for the versions of the combat Minigame in the near future.

Damn you to the nine hells, Defend button.

v0.3 to v0.4
This will be the end of this round of Beta Testing. When I have taken in all of the tester's suggestions, they will be released as v0.3, v0.35 and v0.39. When all improvements are added, the minigame will stay at v0.4 for a while.

v0.4 to v0.8
v0.4 through to v0.8 will be constant attempts to work the minigame into the game itself. Hopefully it shouldn't take too many versions, but this is the buffer area I have allocated to it. Once the game is comfortably and bug-free situated into the gameplay, all will be good at v0.8.

This final phase will be game-wide. That is, once the game itself is fully programmed to a playable extent and has been alpha-tested up till v0.8, then this final phase will be the implimentation and testing of graphics.

What Next

I will now return to the actual game itself whilst the Combat Minigame is being tested. As I mentioned in the last DevBlog, I was going to work on three things - Fulfillable needs, Zombie Combat and Equipable items. Therefore my next task is the latter.
This should round off nicely the usage of weapons and armour, whereas food and drink has already been programmed. Every category of item has a number assigned to it. Once equipment is in, then Categories 0-1 (Food and Water) and 4-5 (Weapons and Clothing) will be programmed into the game. Leaving an irritating gap for Materials and Tools.
My next intention after Equipment was barricadable areas. However, that requires a small amount of crafting, so I'll concentrate on that first - Two birds with one stone.

Typically Me.

Oh! And! Merry Christmas!


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