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The feature list we are currently working towards with the development of this game.

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Features we intend to work towards:
This list is not set in stone, things may be added or subtracted and does not show what will be in the final version of the game, it is the list we are currently working towards, if you have any requests for features please make them known on our forum


  • In space (ship v ship), on board star bases and outposts, on planet.
  • Choose from a database of missions to complete (missions come available at points of the game play).
  • Side missions.

First Person Shooter:

  • A variety of weapons (10 up to now)
  • Pick up's include ammo, health packs, grenades, etc
  • Different armor suites
  • Inventory (bigger sizes with bigger suites)
  • Objectives in every mission to make it more interesting then just get from point "a" to "b"
  • Over 20 missions to make a lengthy campaign

Space simulation:

  • Full cockpit internal and external view ports
  • Manage your ship and crew
  • Sub-systems like scanning for asteroid's, enemy ships, hacking etc
  • Able to walk around your ship and access different stations.
  • modular ships for customization.


  • Multiplayer (may come after the single player is finished as a free dlc)
  • Multiplayer - Space and FPS versions (as above)
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