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You can now play around with the rewritten Unity version of the game when you fire it up on Desura.

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The beginnings of the reworked Unity version of Mort is now available on Desura. Now, when you launch the game, you should be given the choice of playing the original XNA version of the game, or selecting the Unity version. If you do not see this, you'll need to delete and then reinstall the game for the changes to take effect (sorry about that!)

So, what's new in this version?

From a gameplay perspective, not a whole lot unfortunately. Instead, this release focused a lot on behind the scenes stuff that while useful, doesn't really result in a lot of new content for you, the player. However, the changes include:

  • Ability to choose your own screen resolution, and to change between full screen and windowed mode. Non-16:9 resolutions will be letterboxed to 16:9, since the design of the levels depend on that resolution.
  • Remapping of keys. Don't want to use X to jump? Simply remap it!
  • Gamepad support. Play a platformer the way it's meant to be played: with controller in hand.
  • Adjust music and sound effect volumes
  • Adjust text scroll speed (though this version of the game has no text to see yet)

It may not sound like much, but it's stuff that people will surely appreciate in their game. I also have a sandbox area if you fire up a "new game" which will spawn Mort in a small room that you're welcome to jump and swing around.

This update isn't completely void of content, however. If you grab a wall in the game, you'll notice a new wall slide animation:


You'll also spot a new character, one of the many people you'll be meeting on your journey:


Hope you enjoy the new stuff, and I look forward to start showing off the level editor soon!


those sprites look really good!

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mitDebo Author

Thanks! I'm glad you like you them

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