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Interested in helping with our project? We are in need of a unity mapper and content designer - read more for information!

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If you are looking for a hobby project and want to get involved either writing quests, dialogue or items and recipes please let us know!

We also need someone who is fairly familiar with Unity3D to create maps, we have the assets we just need someone to assist in configuring the maps with elements needed for quests and housing areas as well as interconnecting zone points to portal between each area

You do not have to be an expert to join us, if you just want to learn unity3d or have a go at writing then all help is appreciated

Content Designer

We currently need content designers who can write quests, decide item stats, combat skills and write an overall story arc for each class

These are mainly text based entries that will go into the database to affect world content. You will name items, set their stats and effects and also configure dialogues for quests, the requirements to proceed to the next step and also loot drops on mobs

If you are familiar with spawning you may also be able to help out spawning mobs on the map after configuring their stats


We also need a Unity 3D Mapper who can make use of existing assets to help preconfigure extra zones we want to add to the game. Mainly this is involved in loading up template maps and modifying them in a way to suit the environment we need next. Generally some lore will be provided about the area, the zones it connects to and the requirements of the map.

For example we may say it requires an orc encampment, human city and a underground dungeon with a mountainous region to the north that leads to zone

If you are interested please join us on our irc channel at

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