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* Technical News * An Orcish Kind of Hero has been updated and is now built using Unity 5. This has caused some things to be revised and because of that the next release will appear to be the same as the previous one. Feedback is, as always, welcome. Enjoy!

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* Technical News Follows *

The next alpha release for An Orcish Kind of Hero will be basically the same as the previous release. The reason for this? I have switched from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and will use this next release as a way to check and make sure that I have all of the small things back working as expected.

Due to some "creative" programming there were a couple of points that had to be reworked and I want it back on the same level of quality as before and then I will get started once again on my list of features that I want included. Keep checking back for the latest and greatest news!

Until then, enjoy!

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