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Hi Guys! R3-D2 here! so I wanted to give you guys a rundown of all the units I have added/changed in R3D2FoC.

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Changed Units:

Acclimator Assault Ship (Empire): Increased fighter complement from 2 TIE squadrons and 1 TIE bomber squadron to 2 TIE squadrons, 2 TIE bomber squadrons, and 1 TIE interceptor squadron.

Nebulon-B frigates can now be built by the Empire.


TIE Vanguard (Empire): A light scout equipped with shields and quick engines but no hyperdrive, and is lightly armed. Best used as scouts and anti-bomber defense.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces

TIE Avenger (Empire): A heavy fighter easily an equal to rebel X-Wings and A-Wings, equipped with shields and hyperdrive, along with formidable firepower make this fighter second only to the TIE Defender.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 3

TIE Terror (Empire): A bomber with heavy armament and powerful engines, shields, and hyperdrive make this TIE model dangerous to capital ships and space stations, but lacks sufficient anti-fighter weapons to be an effective dogfighter.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 1

TIE Heavy Bomber (Empire): A bomber on par with the TIE Terror in firepower but lacks the Terror's speed and agility.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 6

MC50 medium cruiser (Rebel): A medium mon calamari capital ship equipped to handle small imperial capital ships and light fighters, but lacks the firepower to take on larger ships. Fast and well armed, best used for hit-and-fade operations or system patrol.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 4

Vindicator Heavy cruiser (Empire): A cheaper alternative to the Acclimator, the Vindicator matches the Acclimator in speed, armor, and shielding, but lacks the Acclimator's large fighter complement, missiles and torpedoes, but it does carry 2 TIE fighter squadrons for defense against bomber attacks.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 2

Errant Venture/Booster Terrick (Consortium): Booster Terrick is a smuggler boss who captains a stolen Imperial Star Destroyer - the Errant Venture. He is currently in the Employ of Tyber Zann.

Star Wars Empire at War Forces 5

I am always open to suggestions for mod features!

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