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list of ships in the mod, from stargate, star wars, star trek and battlestar galctica.

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This is a basic list of the units thatll be in the mod

Stargate Empire At War
Standard units
302s (fighters)
Death Glider (fighters)
alkesh (Bomber)
304s (antifighter/bomber - Corvette class)
New Hatak (AntiCorvette - Frigate class)
Ori Mothership (Anti-Capital - Capital Class)
wraith hive (Antifrigate/corvette - Carrier Class)
SG1 (in alkesh)
Pendergast (in 303)
Caldwell (In 304 mk1)
Apophis (in apophis MS)
Anubis (un-deployed)
Thor (In Oniell Class Mk2)

Battle Star Galactica
vipermk2 (light fighter, low armor, low fire rate, but fast)
vipermk7 (heavy fighter, high armoro, higher fire rate, but slower)
Galactica (Anti Corvette - Frigate Class)
Pegasus (Anti Frigate/Capital - Capital Class)
Firestar (Anti-Fighter - Corvette)
Cylon Basestar (Antifrigiate/corvette - Carrier)
old cylon raider (light fighter)
new cylon raider (heavy fighter)
heavy cylon raider (bomber)

Star Trek (i know this wont be 100% cannon but meh)
Type9 (light fighter)
Type11 (heavy fighter)
Danube Torpedo (Bomber)
Constitution Class (antifighter/bomber - Corvette class)
Excelsior Lakota (AntiCorvette - Frigate class)
Sorveign Class (Anti-Capital - Capital Class)
Excalibue (Antifrigate/corvette/Capital - Carrier Class)

Star Wars:
StarDestroyer (Anti-Capital - Capital Class)
Superstardestroyer (Anti Firgate/Corvette - Carrier)
x-wing (heavy fighter)
y-wing (bomber)
correlian corvette (anti fighter - corvette)
nebulon B (Anti corvette - Frigate class)
mon cal cruiser (Anti Frigate/Capital - Class)
Tie Fighter (heavy fighter)
Tie intercepter (light fighter)

I will be reballancing al lthe units so that they have a specific roll and place in each team. I know its a combo of good and bad from each show. But the way i look at it. They need to join forces to take on the other shows :D

ok the following mods need credit for allowing me use of models and coding
Stargate Empire At War -
Battlestar Galactica - 3rd Colonial War -
Trek Wars - Federation At War -

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