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This is a small unit list,so the factions get far more unique

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Alrigty im been working on getting the modding tools working, but i put this here to organize my self, as i list of what i have to do



Clone trooper rifleman DC-15a Blaster Rifle Melee Attack

Clone Medic DC-15s Carbine Bacta Pack

Clone Driver Gets Vehicle Regeneration DC-17 Blaster Pistol Fusion Cutter Detpack

Clone Heavy Weapons Gets additional health Z-6 Rotatory Laser Canon

CIS Gets Additional Reinforcments

B-1 Battledroid Gets Lesser health E-5 Blaster rifle

B-2 Rocketeer Arm-mounted rocket launcher Weak blaster

Destroyer Droid Gets additional health/ immune to headshots Fast Blaster


Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster rifle

Scout Trooper Sniper Gets lesser health DC-X Sniper rifle Auto-turret

Engineer Gets vehicle regeneration/lesser health E-11 Blaster rifle Fusion Cutter

Imperial Officer Scout Trooper Pistol Damage buff to allies Defensive buff to allies

Rebel Alliance

Rebel Soldier Gets additional speed/Camouflage/lesser health EL-16 Blaster rifle

Rebel Marksman Gets camouflage/lesser health Sniper Rifle

Rebel Engineer Gets Lesser health/vehicle regeneration Shotgun Fusion Cutter

Rebel Special Ops EL-16 Blaster Rifle Thermal Detonator Melee attack

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